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  1. I’ve been on the lookout for a used Quilt Path system for my current Millennium - any deals you could offer me?
  2. I'm thinking of opening up some time in my schedule to make a few tshirt quilts for clients. I stopped doing this years ago because I was never sure what to charge so I'm hoping that maybe some of you wonderful people may have some help for me. What is a typical charge for making tshirt quilt from start to finish? Someone I met at MQS last year said she charges $18/shirt but I never thought to clarify with her if that included the extra sashing fabrics and also the machine quilting, batting and binding. I was thinking I could do a specific charge per shirt plus an additional charge for the machine quilting and finishing. I want to be able to make this worth my time but I also dont want to seem too greedy or to be nickel and diming people. Also, for those of you who have done this for clients ~ do you have a contract you have them sign? I'm nervous about people not being happy with the work or how I cut up a shirt or some other ridiculous claim. I just want to cover all my bases first before I proceed. thanks for any input you can offer! ~Ashley
  3. Yep, they are both warped now. they were not like that before I wound them.
  4. I couldn't figure out why my Millie wasn't stitching today. Until I took a look at my bobbins! I have no idea what happened here but my bobbins are lopsided.. any thoughts?? Also, not sure why my picture only wants to be sideways
  5. Gammill Classic Plus with tons of accessories! ~~Purchasing a new machine and need to sell this one by the end of the year. ~~ I purchased this machine brand new from dealer in 2007. Comes with all the standard features including Stitch Regulator, Vertical and Horizontal Channel Lock, Attached Bobbin Winder, Variable Speed Control, Laser Light, Double Capacity ‘M’ Style Bobbin, 26” x 10” Throat size, Two Station Needle Positioner with Single Stitch, as well as a service manual. Additional Accessories included are: 14 Foot Table WITH Batting Bar Extended Base 35+ bobbins box of prewound Bottom Line bobbins several large spools of various threads 3 sets of clamps 3 bobbin cases 2 bottles of oil Bobbin Tension Gauge 2 instructional videos Gam-Guide Ruler 2 plexi-glass plates and 2 large guide tools for making circles, ovals, etc. PLUS over 45 PANOGRAPH PATTERNS! ~~That’s well over $1000 of accessories included in this package~~ I am a motivated seller asking $14,000 or best offer for the entire package. Buyer is responsible for pickup. We are located in central North Dakota and may be willing to help deliver to a surrounding area for a small fee. Any questions, please ask! I prefer email to: or you may call between 10am and 6pm central time to 701-202-9084.
  6. I pulled the thread sock lower on the cone and it seemed to help for a while - was able to make it about 2-3 minutes before the thread broke again and now it's back to breaking every couple of inches. My hubby's taking a look at things now...we'll see if he can see something I don't.
  7. I do have a thread net...and I've checked to see if it's getting caught in anything and it doesn't seem to be. When I pull the thread through the needle, there is very little stretch so I know that the tension is not too tight...could it be too loose?
  8. I am quilting a lap size all-batik quilt. The customer wants Monolon thread throughout the top. I'm using a smaller overall pattern for quilting and I can't get more than 1-2 inches without the thread breaking. I've used this thread in the past without problems and even used in on a project with my domestic machine last night with no issues. I've adjusted the tension low, changed needle sizes, re-threaded the machine several times, and even last night I oiled the machine very well and let it sit overnight before returning to this nightmare of a quilt. I'm using Superior Rainbows thread in the bobbin and that has also been adjusted for lower tension as well. Any suggestions or ideas on how to fix this problem would be very appreciated! Of course, this quilt needs to be done before the end of the month and I was really hoping to finish it up before heading out of town for Christmas tomorrow:(
  9. wow, I had no idea there were so many options available. I like the idea of the Brother or Babylock 6 needle but those may be out of the price range. I'm heading to our local shops on Monday to see what I can price out. I'm pretty sure there's not a Brother dealer here so I would probably want to go with something I can get serviced locally(if needed). Thank you all for the opinions and suggestions! DH's boss would like some details on prices and machines by Friday so I've got a few more days to see what I can come up with! ~Ashley~
  10. My husband came home from work today with a business proposition his boss made for me. DH works for a small, local company and the owner is trying to save some money by having me embroider their company logo on all the employee uniforms and other random items such as jackets, caps, bags, etc. He is willing to buy the embroidery machine as long as I can provide the thread and the time it takes to embroider the items as they come in. In return, the machine would be free range for me to use as much as I'd like and for whatever other projects I'd like to (such as quilt labels for customers!) I checked into machines about a year ago but they were all over my budget and I really wasn't sure what to look for. Now that I don't really have a budget(but hubby did tell boss they could cost anywhere from $2000-6000 and he was fine with that) I'm just not sure where to begin. I've only ever owned Pfaff sewing machines so I'm tempted to stay with that brand but am willing to explore other options. So, I need opinions and advice! If you use an embroidery machine, what kind do you use? Also, I would need to be sure I get a machine where I can upload the company logo and I need something that can do various types of fabrics - anywhere from cotton shirts to canvas bags or quilted jackets. sorry this got so long but I just don't know where to begin! thanks for all your help!
  11. Laura, that is GORGEOUS!!! I'm curious, did you draw that design yourself or use a template or an image? I have been wanting to do some sort of tree design for some time now but can't draw for the life of me...just wondering where I can find an image like that! it's simply stunning!!
  12. qltgirl - I sent you a U2U with my email address. If you could send it, that would be great!! thanks!!
  13. Thank you Cindy!! I have scoured through all my stacks of magazines and I still can't find it. (I probably threw it out because it wasn't a quilting magazine!) I will gladly wait to see if your mother could come up with it. thanks so much!!
  14. I am looking for the picture of a quilt from the Dec08/Jan09 issue of Country Woman from last year. From what I remember, it had mostly blue squares and some white ones. It was a Christmas/holiday quilt. It was not a pattern for the quilt, just a half page feature including the picture. I remember it was on the bottom of the page(possibly the right side page) I began collecting blue holiday fabric to make that quilt and now I can't find that magazine anywhere in my quilting room. can anyone help me out? google searches have came up with nothing...
  15. This is so interesting to read and learn about everyone and see how so many different paths have led us all to quilting! I'm pretty new here so this may be quite an introduction... I began sewing when I was a young child. My mom and grandmother taught me quilting and I remember making quilts and clothes for my barbies. Through high school, all my friends thought I was slightly off because my main interests were all crafty things! I continued quilting in high school and my grandma and I would stretch and hand sew or tie all my quilts. My senior year of high school I met a guy who eventually became my boyfriend. The first time I went to his house I was so impressed with the set-up his mom had! She had a quilt shop in her home and did longarm quilting. I began working for her in the shop and she paid me in fabric!! : She showed me longarm quilting for the first time and from that moment, I knew that was what I wanted to do with my life. ) In college, I worked for Choice Hotels International as a Quality Assurance Coordinator at their call center. It was a great job that introduced me to the business world. I was very fortunate to have a job that offered full tuition reimbursement. With the money that I saved from not having to pay for classes, I bought my Gammill. I began quilting for customers every now and then in my free time between classes and work. After college, I moved here to Bismarck, ND to start my business. I worked full time at a bank here as a customer service rep up until our first child was born in October 2006. After her birth, I went part- time at the bank and was doing customer quilts as my other "part-time" job. And as of June 2008, I am now a stay at home mom with a VERY busy quilting business! I am now 26 years old and my daughter Kaitlyn will be 3 years old on my and my husband's 5th wedding anniversary! ...and as soon as my Gammill sells, I can finally get my other new baby - a brand new Millenium!!