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  1. I’ve been on the lookout for a used Quilt Path system for my current Millennium - any deals you could offer me?
  2. I'm thinking of opening up some time in my schedule to make a few tshirt quilts for clients. I stopped doing this years ago because I was never sure what to charge so I'm hoping that maybe some of you wonderful people may have some help for me. What is a typical charge for making tshirt quilt from start to finish? Someone I met at MQS last year said she charges $18/shirt but I never thought to clarify with her if that included the extra sashing fabrics and also the machine quilting, batting and binding. I was thinking I could do a specific charge per shirt plus an additional charge for the machine quilting and finishing. I want to be able to make this worth my time but I also dont want to seem too greedy or to be nickel and diming people. Also, for those of you who have done this for clients ~ do you have a contract you have them sign? I'm nervous about people not being happy with the work or how I cut up a shirt or some other ridiculous claim. I just want to cover all my bases first before I proceed. thanks for any input you can offer! ~Ashley
  3. Yep, they are both warped now. they were not like that before I wound them.
  4. I couldn't figure out why my Millie wasn't stitching today. Until I took a look at my bobbins! I have no idea what happened here but my bobbins are lopsided.. any thoughts?? Also, not sure why my picture only wants to be sideways
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