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  1. I have one it's only maybe a year or two old. You can email me at lanquilts@aol.com Thank you
  2. I have a good motor and box full of parts from my ultimate 1. If anyone repairs these machines this would be handy to have. I also have a front handle and a new brake for the rollers. The reason I have these motor and parts is because I had a stitch regulator put on my ultimate 1. Price make me an offer and you pay shipping. Thank you, Marti
  3. I still have these circle lord boards Cosmo Dancing star Roseburg I also still have the red snappers, brake, ginger rotary cutter and the bars with the m&m wheels still for sale. Thank you, Marti
  4. Here are the carriage pieces I have. Does anyone know how much i should ask for these? Thank you, Marti
  5. I have 4 more of the wide clamps to secure the sides of your quilt top. Price $35.00 for all four. Plus s/h. SOLD
  6. SOLD I have 4 wide side clamps for sale also $30.00 brand new.
  7. I'm sorry but they are sold. I still have cosmo, i think it is star dance and one rosebud board. Thank you Marti
  8. Thank you dear. Did you send me your address? Thanks again, Marti
  9. I still have the circle lord boards for sale. Thank you, Marti
  10. You can email me your address and I will pack them up for you. My email address is lanquilts@aol.com Thank you
  11. There are four boards so it would be $120.00 plus shipping dear. Thank you
  12. Hi June Do you want all of them? Let me know ok? If you give me your zip code i can let you know what shipping will be dear. Thank you very much, Marti
  13. I have two brand new pantagraphs both for $12.00 plus shipping. Please contact me at lanquilts@aol Thank you, Marti
  14. I'm selling my circle lord boards and my r&s boards SOLD. The circle lord boardsare $200.00 for each set. They are queen size. I also am selling my turbo bobbin winder $235.00 it is new. I have only used it a few times. I lost my son from a heart attack two weeks ago. That is why i am selling these items. I also have a set of red snappers for sale $50.00 And a pair of ginger rotary cutters $45.00. Roller brake for a Millie $45.00 and a blue CL board that does a square design $45.00. Plus shipping Please contact me at 330-620-0150 or email me at lanquilts@aol.com Thank you, Marti
  15. I sold my longarm quilting machine today. I have a couple circle lord boards for sale $200.00 each plus shipping, and i am going to sell my new turbo bobbin winder $265.00 plus shipping for my bobbin winder. Thank you, Marti
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