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  1. I love the little variations in each color, beautiful, thanks for sharing Jo
  2. phenomenal, looked at the website, beautiful art thanks for sharing
  3. Joma

    A recent finish

    Super , what a great job you did
  4. When quilter was satiesfied with the top, she will be superhappy receiving such a nice piece of art thanks for sharing Jo
  5. What a beauty, I like the continuous light custom work, thanks for sharing, can we try it?
  6. When I see this beauty, I also think CC and a repeat, I should alternate the CC's in the dark and a "balanced triangel" flower in the lights, or vice versa, my idea, Jo
  7. Welcome Sue, we will be Millie neighbours, country neighbours, living in the dutch speaking region of Belgium Jo
  8. thanks everyone for the nice comments, I also like the light custom work, but for the rainbowquilt all effect of a light custom is gone, using a different color for each row, a pastel for the colors, an associated sunburst superior thread for the white rows must say, it is a nice effect
  9. haven't finished a chevron quilt yet, but I think the zigzag quilt is almost the same for quilting, did two zigzag quilts the same way one quilted the colors and outlining the background, the other I quilted the background and outlined the colors succes quilting Jo
  10. When I see the little picture I can see the wedding ring, maybe by outlining accent the rings succes Jo
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