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  1. Hi...I'd like to contribute one block. Thanks to whoever started this. Rita is a special person. This is my first time on the new forum format -- looks like there's a lot to (re)learn! UPDATE -- block mailed today, Feb. 17/17
  2. Hi...I'd like to contribute one block. Thanks to whoever started this. Rita is a special person. This is my first time on the new forum format -- looks like there's a lot to (re)learn!
  3. Thanks so much for the clear directions, Mary Beth. Maybe someday I'll be brave enough to post -- no excuse now, is there?
  4. I have the Sizzix Pro. It's great: cheaper than Go or Accucut, uses G. and A. dies as well as Sizzix dies, whereas Accucut etc. uses only its own dies. I tried them both at a recent Quilt Market and couldn't see any difference in their performance.
  5. Congratulations on your anniversary, Rita. As Oma said, "That's a lot of years with the same man," but aren't we lucky? (Our 54th is coming up this month). Loved your friend's sense of humour too.
  6. I agree completely with Joyce. If we don't abide by the rules set out by the people who run the program, it may not be offered again; the rules are fair and clearly stated. So: plates Yes, patterns No! (unless we buy the entire kits, which contain the patterns -- no problem trading those, because we've paid for them and they're not limited to one per person). P.S. I'm not a shop owner and have no personal stake in this program. Barbara
  7. Makes sense to me now! I'd never thought of using channel locks for piano keys -- just a straight ruler. Will try CLs next time. Anything that saves time and aggravation is a bonus.
  8. Lynne, can you list a few shops for us travellers? And yes, it would be great to meet up with some of you. Any suggestions as to where and when? Barbara
  9. I'm going -- have registered for some classes and reserved accommodation. I'm really looking forward to it, as I haven't been there since it was in Springfield some years ago, when I was just starting long-arming. The two years I went were the first -- and probably the best -- shows I've attended. Living so far west, I have gone to all the Innovations (now defunct) Tacoma shows and two MQXs (Portland OR). Aside from learning a lot, I find that I feed off others' enthusiasm and come back home rarin' to go!
  10. I have a Towa -- never out of the box, because I've always used pre-wounds and don't have tension problems with my 2006 Millennium! (Am I tempting the fates by putting this in print?) My few attempts at winding bobbins were disastrous in all respects. Life's too short to be frustrated by mere thread when there's an easy solution. Barbara
  11. Oma...I tried to send you a message regarding PayPal, but your mailbox is full (???) Can you send me your email address or mobile phone number so I can complete the PP transaction? (You can PM me; my mailbox isn't full). Barbara Conquest
  12. Hello, Oma...with my deepest apologies for not letting you know sooner that my fabric arrived in great shape -- just as we were leaving for a week. And when we got back apparently the goblins had been using this computer, so it had to go to the hospital. All seems to be well now. I'll try tonight to get onto PayPal to remit postage costs to you. Barbara Conquest (Canada) P.S. Glad I'm not the Barbara in Oregon -- what confusion!
  13. Sent my fabric off today. FYI the postage from here (Alberta) to California was $10.66 CDN, small package rate. If I'd paid $7 more I could have had a tracking number. I didn't. Barbara
  14. It's possible to buy pre-wound invisible thread bobbins and they work well. After using them, I'd never try to wind my own. From Superior threads, I think; it's some time since I bought them.