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  1. Forgot to mention that I also purchased an extra pack of the small red thingys. LOL
  2. I purchased the Red Snappers for my 10 foot table, now that I have used them, I really don't like the flexibility of them. If anyone is interested in purchasing them, send me a U2U.....thanks!
  3. Thanks, this is going into my favorites!
  4. I know how to pull up the bobbin thread when I start, but how do you do that when you end, or.....what do you do??
  5. it is a very pretty quilt, but........I would be crying!
  6. I talked to Mark this morning, he is sending me a new encoder cable, mine may have a broken wire in it causing the problem. I hope that will fix it.
  7. thanks everyone. I am thinking that I do have a problem with the SR. I will call APQS tomorrow and see if someone can walk me through it. I have blown two fuses and broke a needle and am frustrated, so it is time to walk away...tomorrow is another day
  8. now that is a great idea! and I wouldn't waste more fabric....thanks!!!
  9. thanks, I am quite happy with the results, it has only been 2 days that I have it
  10. This is my first practice piece on my new Blissed Lenni. I have already discovered that I like using the machine without the stitch regulator
  11. I am getting ready to put my red snappers on but have to first sew that 3/4" casing. I can't seem to handle doing that by myself with the Lenni, how hard is it to take the leaders off, sew the casings on my domestic and then get the leaders back on the rollers?
  12. yeppers, that is the one that I bought! Love it!
  13. I found them at Radio Shack, Slow Blow 2 amp 250V......bought 8 of them, don't want to run out, evah!!!! LOL
  14. Thanks Patty, I am going to try that.........I love this forum!!!!!!!
  15. Problem has been solved, hubby had to do it for me, and it was the fuse that blew. I guess I just need to go to Radio Shack with the old one to try to match it with another few. Thanks everyone!
  16. what stitch lenghth should I have this set on? When I try to use the SR, I feel like I am tugging at the machine to get it to move.....also, do I need to hit the green button to get the SR to start working?
  17. I have a teeny tiny screwdriver, the one that I use to adjust the bobbin case, and still have a hard time of getting if off.
  18. very nice Sylvia, I missed the post that you got your Freedom....beautiful quilt!
  19. I found the drawer, but can't get it open. Will try tomorrow in better lighting.
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