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  1. To update you all - You were right when you said they 'understand', even without the correct jargon. So, we've tried the Crydom Relay, but that didn't fix the problem. But they had heard about this issue, and apparently, it's not unique to my machine. So, Mike in the electronics dept. is now sending out yet another 'fix'. Our 3rd attempt. Frustrating! I'm glad my husband was an electronics tech at his job before retiring, as I'd be lost otherwise. Thanks again for your suggestions.
  2. Sorry - had an out of town emergency. When I returned and was prepping it with the oilling, et al, I ran it at a higher speed than usual, and voila - the problem stopped! Well, for a while, anyway. But now the gremlin is back. So I will call tomorrow. Thanks, Dawn. Somehow, a Crydom relay sounds bad. Guess I'll find out tomorrow!
  3. Wow - thanks so much for all the info and support from everyone. Kay seems to have also had this experience. Really, really scary. Yes, it is a BAM, and is also doing something weird at times while stitching where it seems to do something similar and then stops. Thanks to all, but especially Kay. I will call the APQS team on Tues. when hubby can help translate 'mechanical talk' with the technician and will re-post the solution in case anyone else has it, too. Hopefully they won't refer me to an exorcist. And Rita - thanks for the chuckles and long list of possible problems. Lo
  4. Greetings! This is my first post to this forum, so be gentle... I've had issues with my Millineum lately - it has started 'taking stitches' on it's own, and it's a pretty violent 'bam' when the needle comes down. It sounds like a spring breaking or something. It's quite scary when it happens. Doesn't seem to matter if I've just turned it on, or it's been on for awhile. I don't even know how to pose the question to the APQS support staff - any ideas what is causing this so I can sound semi-intelligent? (OK, maybe that's not even possible - but I've seen many timing issues on here -