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  1. Hi Jerry.  Can you tell me if the machine is on a slab or on wood floors.  If it's on wood floors and upstairs then it could possibly be where you have the machine located upstairs.  Even on carpet can cause problems upstairs, depending on where it's located.  Houses aren't made the way they used to be made.  A friend of mine had this problem years ago upstairs on carpet and it was set so that the machine only had one solid wall and the other three had windows in them.  They moved the machine downstairs and it solved the problem.  Houses just aren't structured soundly enough upstairs anymore. 


  2. Holy cow.  Just had my check spring go south.  Well, not really.  But it did go boing.  There I was, standing there watching the machine.  Not like I can do anything else, right.  Then all of a sudden, boing, something flew off the machine.  Oh my GOD.  WHAT WAS THAT!!!!    Turned the machine off and started to look around.  Finally, I found it.  Sitting at the edge of the quilt on the batting.  El checko spring.  At least part of it.  Now I have to go get one , because I don't have one.  Rats and double rats.  

  3. Hi Mom,

    I'm asking $12,500 for the system. I will install and train you as well. Mom, your close enough that I could do this without charging you extra for mileage. You could buy one of the more inexpensive systems out there, but then you would have to find someone to install/train you. That's not cheap either. Think it over and let me know. apqsqm.......apqs, experience the best.......................

  4. Hi everyone,

    Just thought that you would like to know, the Ultimate I has sold. It found a new home in Placerville, Ca. The good news is that the Compuquilter is still available for those of you who want a computerized system. I'll even throw in a bunch of programs with the deal. E-mail soon before it goes bye-bye. This is a great deal, where are you going to find installation and train for that price. That alone can cost upwards to $3000 and your getting programs also. Take care, apqsqm...............apqsqm@yahoo.com

  5. I have a question for everyone out here in the quilting world.

    What is the best price that you or some else has paid for a longarm quilting machine. I mean, the best price you paid. The machine has to be in the best shape and condition for the money spent. I know someone that just bought a 1999 Gammill Classic on a 14' table that was regulated. It came with all these templets, 30 to 40 panto's and motifs on paper, free standing light bar, extra parts, 20 quilting info books, extra bobbin cases and 50 bobbins, about 3 bolts of batting, a lockable cabnet, two rolling free standing storage drawers, and a Janome sewing machine. All for $2500.00. Start your drooling now............................:P

  6. Hey Kazmik,

    I think that you will find that Suzanne Moreno will be your perfect dealer for the IQ. Give her a call and you'll find out for sure. She's the no. one digitizer in the states. You'll be in the best hands. E-mail "zeke" at ztrbrg@yahoo.com and he'll fill you in on all the facts. Do the Robot dude. apqsqm