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  1. I'm bringing it back to the top for those of you that want or are interested in a fine computerized system. apqsqm.
  2. Hi Crazy4quilts, How much are asking for your Ultimate I. I think that the rest of us would like to know. apqsqm.
  3. Thanks Barbara. Sorry about that. I'm in the Sacramento, Ca. area. I'll put that in the post.
  4. Good day to all, This is a 2001 APQS Ultimate I with a Compuquilter ready to be installed. The machine has a lower thread cutter and needle position and single stitch. That is what is needed for this machine to be computerized minus the lower thread cutter. The machine comes with a new 14' table. The Computer system comes with all the designs that the system comes with when bought new. This is a wonderful system and has allowed me the to do some pretty neat quilting. Your imagination is your only limit for this system. The system comes with the latest upgrade that S & D Stitches offeres. We are asking (APQS Ultimate I & Compuquilter System) $21,000 or best offer for our Computerized Quilting System. This is a great way to start a computerized venture without spending your childs college funds. Transportation and shipping are the responsiblity of the buyer. Installation/training is negotiable per the seller. Our contact information is apqsqm@yahoo.com. We are located in the Sacramento, Ca. area. Both the Ultimate I & Compuquilter can be sold separately or together. The Compuquilter alone is $12,500 and will include installation/training within a 250 miles from Sacramento, Ca. Outside the 250 mile area will be decided between the two parties. apqsqm. I've decided to reduce the selling price from $21,000 to $18,000. This is a wonderful deal for anyone looking to get into computerized quilting. apqsqm.......
  5. Tina, Do you still have your quilting machine. I might know some one that may want to buy it. You can e-mail me at apqsqm@yahoo.com. Your price is in her range. apqsqm....
  6. Hi, I'm looking for a used Milli or Ultimate I. I'd like it to have the old style table. The table with the square tubing frame and the plexiglass top. I'm also looking for the year of the machine to be in the 2001 to 2004 range. I'd like to be able to pick it up somewhere in the state of Calif. Thanks a bunch.