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  1. What pretty quilting! It looks like you are having fun doing it, it is filled with love. Can't wait to see it finished.
  2. I love quilting applique. I agree with Lisa C, use the pattern in the water fabric as the grid for the clam shells. I mark clam shells around odd shapes, to speed up my quilting. There are some nice big spaces in the green background fabric. Find out if there is something special that your client really likes about this area, or this quilt. You can draw a motif in those big spaces and quilt the filler around the motif, just like you fill around applique. The outer border already has pretty arcs in it, just quilt the outline of the arcs. Fill in with piano keys if it needs it. Fun!
  3. What a fun quilt! Congrats on your love from the judges. You and George are off to a great start.
  4. Your quilt is so pretty. I love scrappy too. And your feathers are fabulous!
  5. Look what I got to quilt! It's a pink themed Halloween quilt, to display at our local hospital during the month of October. Pink because it's breast cancer awareness month. The Jackson Hole Quilt Guild rotates a quilt display every month at our local hospital. The nurses and patients really appreciate it. We've had a hard time in years past trying to find a pink quilt for the October display. So we had the bright idea to make a quilt just for that. Different people made the applique blocks, others sewed them together with sashing and border. I quilted it, and just handed it off to anot
  6. Wow. That looks like waves in the ocean. Great choice using Ripples. I love it!
  7. That's a beautiful quilt! I love how your quilting enhances the design. Your custom quilting is gorgeous!!
  8. That's so pretty. Much too special to picnic on
  9. I love how the quilting enhances the pieced design. Gorgeous! Great job!
  10. Beautiful quilting! I love how the piano keys in the borders balance with the rectangle SID.
  11. My grandmother gave me my first quilt when I graduated high school. It's scrappy, hand sewn. She gave me another one when I married. I treasure both of them. Part of what I love about them is that I can pick out fabrics she used to make her pantsuits, back in the 60's and 70's! Such memories!! I always thought I'd quilt when I was a little old lady, like Grandma did.. :-))))) ok, now I need to go take pictures of the quilts to post.....
  12. Congratulations Dell! Your quilts are beautiful.
  13. Is your Freedom new? When my Millie was new I needed to clean and oil the bobbin case with every bobbin change and between projects. I did this for about 6 months, then was able to gradually taper off. That was the best fix I had for problems stitching.
  14. Your quilting is perfect. So pretty and fresh. Modern quilts are growing on me too.
  15. I just loaded a medallion quilt that is not square. Just basting, I started at the top and by the time I worked to the bottom (it's about 60" square) it was a hot mess. I had measured before and knew that the bottom was more narrow, and that the whole thing bows out in the middle in both directions. I should have flipped it and started with the narrow end at the top. Anyway, I re-basted the whole thing starting at the bottom narrow end and worked up. I used my channel locks to keep the most obvious thin borders and outer edges straight in both directions. There will be plenty of fullnes
  16. What a great idea. I recently replaced the velcro on my brake, but don't expect it to last long. I'll use a rubber grip next.
  17. Unbelievable quilting Andrea! I love every bit of it too. Great pics on your blog. Oh my, I need to step it up.
  18. Beautiful quilting Dell. That's a special one. Love the special background designs behind the lighthouses.
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