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  1. Thanks for the trivia lesson David! Funny how these customs evolve.
  2. I took a number of quilts made by my friends when I bought Millie in 2009, to "practice". Here's one that got lost in the piles. Someone else put the top together. The blocks are hand appliqued. I did a quick outline of the sports balls, and put Sue Patten's Dancing Flames freehand meander around them. The back is flannel, the batting is a thin 80/20 Hobbs cotton/poly blend. Superior Sew Fine thread. Thanks for looking. Happy 4th!
  3. Here's my latest project. It's a Little Monsters quilt in pink for a nephew. His mother assured me that pink is really his favorite color, so I picked the most manly shade of pink I could find for the background. The monsters and the circles in the main body are all fusible web applique with lots of trapunto. Minkee on the back with a thick poly batting. Quilting is fairly light, mostly outlining the applique shapes to pop the trapunto. It's my hope that he plays hard with it, and it gets washed until it falls apart, which I'm sure it will do eventually. If it makes him smile I'll
  4. Your quilting transformed the quilt from pretty to Wowser. Love the feathers!!!!
  5. I finally called APQS for help with the channel locks. It was the horizontal lock that wasn't working. Angie sent me instructions for how to adjust it. It was an easy fix. Shout out to Angie....Thanks!
  6. Wax the rails. If it didn't come with micro-drive handles, you need to add those. You'll get better control with your hands closer to the needle, using the micro-drive handles. If it has Glide, turn that on. It's a little black knob on the front panel of the machine head. Just turn it to the right to turn it on. It works with the stitch regulator on, but the needle will not stop when the machine stops, so you have to get used to that. When you can, upgrade to Bliss. Bliss makes moving Millie soooooo much easier.
  7. So pretty! Thanks for sharing. I love the frame that you stitched on each block, and the consistancy that you created by using the feathered background in the sky for each block. Gorgeous!
  8. Both. They just don't hold the machine in place any more. I hear them click on, but the machine moves.
  9. I'm having trouble with my channel locks too. 2009 Millie with IQ. Look forward to a response.
  10. Is anyone else going to HMQS in Salt Lake this week? I'm taking a couple of classes Thursday and walking the show and vendor booths on Friday morning.
  11. I use invisafil a lot. I use it in the top and bobbin.
  12. Very nice. Did you enjoy doing it? I just love making feathers.
  13. Beautiful quilt and quilting! What a lucky young lady who gets to keep this one.
  14. Wow, how lucky are we to get to browse through Linda R's Flickr account? I saw lots of eye candy in there. Love the quilting design on your DWR. It's both fresh and appropriate to the time the quilt top originated. I saw a green quilt with a lovely organic leafy border that I may use on my next quilt coming up. You are so talented Linda! Thanks for sharing.
  15. Congratulations on your purchase Kevin! Welcome to the APQS Family
  16. Deb Levy made an excellent series of videos on how to use the Circle Lord system, for MQResources. Unfortunately, I don't think they are accessible anymore unless you paid for the class which ended 5 year ago. I still have them on my account there. If enough people ask, maybe MQResources will re-release the videos. It's www.mqresource.com. The Circle Lord products are awesome. They are easy to use and make your quilting look really professional. Even though I have the IQ computer now, I still have my Circle Lord because it is so much fun to use.
  17. I learned the hard way that when you want to start in the center and work out, you must baste everything above pretty well before rolling it. At least around the edges and across in one or two places horizontally (parallel to the rollers). I usually stitch baste the edges and pin across the middle. Do this with each section before you get to where you want to quilt. Too little basting leads to a saggy bottom....that's the quilt bottom, not mine
  18. I have a Hartley Circle and Fence that I never used and would be happy to sell. It's for a 2009 Millennium. Don't know if that fits your machine. I bought the Circle Lord and used it instead. It is easy and versatile.
  19. Oooh, fun. Your whole cloth is great. Makes me want to get going on my first one.....hmm. It's a rainy day and husband is away Maybe that's what I'll do today. Just thinking about it makes me happy.
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