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  1. I'm sure my right upper arm is bigger because my clothes always fit tighter around my right arm. I was horrified to see the shape of my upper arms recently in the mirror....when did Grandma move in? Have to blame it more on my chocolate fixation than long arming.
  2. I would definitely mark it before loading. That way the lines will be nice and evenly divided and straight. With the lines marked, you can start at the top and stitch everything within reach that can be continuous without rolling. So that means stitching to a point in places before changing directions. Just be careful after you roll the quilt to stitch back into those points slowly so it lines up nicely. Hope that makes sense.
  3. Wow Oma. That's quite a story. I'm so glad you figured out what was wrong. I hope the solution is easy. Enjoy your new energy!
  4. The pink pops so nicely. I'd like to see the feathers done in all pink. With the green feathers already stitched, you could try outlining them close to the green or echoing in pink. I've had bad pokies with batik backings too. I think because the batik fabric is so tightly woven, the needle breaks more fabric threads instead of going in between them on looser fabrics. I'm sorry I can't go check my notes fast enough. I think I've gone to the smallest needle that works when I have a batik backing. Either that or bigger....geez, sorry. Experiment with needle size off the quilt top.
  5. I'd switch colors, lime and pink. The gold sounds fun too. I love doing feathers with two or three colors. If you're ok with letting the thread build up on the vine (why can't I think of the word for that today?) stitch over the vine and just inside, maybe 1/8" or a little more away from the original feathers. A la Patsy Thompson. I'm not sure about echoing outside with pink, that might stand out too much. I'm keen to read what the pros think.
  6. To add a little about the quilt design. Before starting, I loaded a practice piece, marked off the triangles and stitched out the diamond design with my IQ recording. When the quilt was loaded, I worked on the body first, before the borders. I find that when I do one border, then the body, by the time I get to the bottom border I can't remember what the top looked like! Pictures don't help enough. So, I stabilized two rows at a time, with SID. Then I let IQ stitch the diamonds in two directions. The third direction was too tall to be stitched until I turned the quilt, so those
  7. Ta Da! Light steaming on a hard surface with a big square ruler for a little flat weight on top while it cooled improved the cups. I'll let my customer know that she can block it to fully tame the cups if they become obnoxious. It really is a pretty quilt. I had hoped that the big diamond shapes would show as big stars or big cubes. But I see now that the top was so busy that effect is lost. It's more visible on the back, but did not photograph well. and the back Thanks for your support! It's been over a year ago that I asked for quilting ideas. I got a great
  8. Gentle steam seems to be helping some. I might put it back on the machine next and try stitching from corner to corner like you suggested Linda. I'm glad you described it in detail. I see why my circle idea won't help now.
  9. Thank you so much for all of your suggestions. I woke up this morning thinking that steam could be the answer. I'll let you know how it works. Sue, I ordered that whacker because it sounds therapeutic! Thanks for the link!
  10. I took this quilt off Millie today. "Ta Da" quickly turned into "uh oh". It's got cups. The quilt top was perfect. The cups are the result of my quilting. close up There is one large scale quilting motif in the body. It's a diamond shape that combines a light and dark triangle set. There is SID between the diamonds, right through the center of the cup. I thought that would prevent the cups, but obviously not. Here's what it looks like from the back. I'm wondering if I put it back on the machine and stitch a circle connecting the diamond points where it's cupping
  11. Gorgeous quilting! And what a great idea for using the dyed fabric.
  12. I've been struggling this morning with a feather border. The scale is BIG, especially for me. I love making smaller feathers freehand, but in a large scale they are HARD! I finally realized.....there is no shame in drawing those big feathers on the quilt. Whew! Here are my before and after pics: This one is the "before". Not bad, but I wasn't happy with the wonky shapes in the inner circle. As I continued, they were getting downright ugly in that same spot. Finally, I drew it out carefully to scale on paper. And realized I'd need to draw them on the quilt to make them pretty
  13. Congrats Teresa! Let us know what your goodies are. I've played that in the past, but never won more than a $10 off gift certificate to one of the stores.
  14. Wow. You sure picked the perfect designs for that quilt. It's beautiful!
  15. Oooh. That's so pretty. I've been wanting to do a whole cloth for several years too. I'll need to start small. That is drop dead gorgeous! And it makes me want to get started on mine. Thank you for sharing!
  16. My prayers go out to Cheri. Heidi, thank you for sharing. I'll be in Paducah too. Maybe we can have an APQS get together.
  17. That's incredible! I love the ladies dresses. And the detail you put into it. The hand embroidery and pearls. So beautiful!
  18. Gorgeous is the best word for this one. Your quilting is divine!
  19. Thanks Patsy. I just shared your link with my guild. Awesome video, as always! Love your work!!!!
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