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  1. Hope your birthday was special Linda! Everything you post here brightens my day
  2. Blocking should work. If it's wool batting, steam works wonders.
  3. Bonnie, I'm glad you got a diagnosis and hope that you find the right treatment quickly without too much fuss. It's tough to weed out all the information we have access to now. I know I am really bad at diagnosing myself from the internet
  4. Congratulations! It's the best upgrade ever. ho ho ho
  5. Love everything about it. Your quilting is divine, as always. Yes, she should write the pattern to sell.
  6. Very nice. Love the small and large loops in the outer border.
  7. Thanks everyone. I get such inspiration from this forum. You are all my rock stars
  8. At long last, the Vintage Valentine is done. I think it was 9 years in the making. I made it for a dear friend in Texas. She received it today and was crying happy tears :-)) It's got wool batting. I used Presencia cotton thread for the larger quilting. Invisifil for the micro fillers. Some details: Thanks for looking!
  9. Love the way you use different fills. It draws my eye up and around the cross. Way cool. Thanks for sharing.
  10. I've used steam a seam 2 on McKenna Ryans. I like to stitch around all the edges before it gets quilted, to hold them down and minimize fraying. I do not consider them washable.
  11. Some of you have surely been to the AQS show in Paducah in April. Where do you stay? How early do you have to make the reservation? You guessed it. My friend and I have been looking for a place to stay there because we'd like to go. But we didn't reserve 6 months ago! Go figure.....we've got a spot about 30 miles away, which is ok. But it would be nicer to be closer to the quilting action.
  12. Fantastic! What a lot of detail. And on black....that is so hard to see when quilting. Take a well deserved day off!
  13. Perfect! I like how the patterned pieces are unquilted and pop. I love the use of straight lines in different directions (90 degrees) in the outer rectangular sections. Very well done!! Thank you for sharing.
  14. Yep, it's the black circle under the bobbin case, in this photo.
  15. From memory, the grease cap is a round cap behind or under the bobbin case. Mine oozed for a long time after I had someone re-pack the grease. I kept wiping it off, and eventually it stopped oozing. I'll go take a picture to be more accurate.
  16. The more I look at this quilt top the more I like it. Can't wait to see what you do with the quilting. Sorry, I don't have any great ideas. i'm intrigued by the circular shape that the biggest black circles are placed in. I might play with a way to emphasize that.
  17. Ardelle, your quilting is incredible. I love all of it. The radiating lines, the pebbles, the swirly background. And those squares on point.....wow. You were inspired. You and Roger do make a great team. Remember how we used to "save to our favorites"? I saved the pictures to my desktop inspiration folder. Thanks for sharing!
  18. I agree with Judith. That peacock needs to shine. Good luck with your business!
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