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  1. What is your favorite panto design? Which ones of your collection do you use the most? I haven't done any yet. My favorite quilting is free motion with no lines to follow. But I want to be able to offer customers patterns that are quick and easy. I know there is a difference in the quality of panto designs, but don't really know how to pick out the good ones.
  2. I love it! Flames are one of my favorite things to quilt, and you placed them beautifully. Thanks for the inspiration!
  3. Congratulations! What a fun quilt. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Congratulations! Both quilts are wonderful. I remember the ovals with cross hatching, I'm still thinking about how to make perfect ovals. Terrific work!
  5. What a beautiful quilt and the quilting is to die for! Fabulous!!
  6. You did a terrific job. It was so worth doing something custom in each block. It's fabulous!
  7. Wow, thanks for the informative responses. I really appreciate hearing from everyone, users and manufacturers. I bought the Hartley Fence with my Millenium this summer, without doing enough research. At the time I chose it to do nice circles, because I knew that they would be difficult to do well without a good guide. I had no idea that things like Circle Lord and Quiltazoid and RNS exist. Sooooo, I expect I'll be calling APQS soon to see if it's possible to return the HF and apply the $$ towards one of the other systems. This is the best forum. For anyone thinking about buying a long
  8. Quiltazoid, circle lord, Hartley Fence....which is best and why?
  9. My prayers are with you and your family. Stay strong and embrace his love.
  10. My prayers are with you and your family. My FIL passed away from cancer 5 years ago. May you all find strength and peace.
  11. Ok, I'm a newbie. What's a quiltazoid? How does it work and where do I get it?
  12. I dread the day I get a quilt top that looks like that one did and I hope when it happens that I can work half the magic that you did. What an awesome job you are doing. We're praising it now before it's done because we can already see that it is clearly amazing. Do you always leave your tops unattached to the top roller?
  13. What an inspiring quilt. I had to google circle lord, it's new to me. Looks like a cool tool. Thanks for sharing!
  14. I'm a retired biomedical engineer. I was raised in Tennessee and went to school there. Met my husband at my first job after school in Salt Lake. We married in Texas 24 years ago, then promptly moved to California. We worked in the Bay Area for 18 years before retiring to Jackson, Wyoming. Our 2 sons are grown, one is married, all are gainfully employed. I'd made my first quilt right before we came to Wyoming. As soon as I moved here I joined the local quilt guild. What a wonderful group of friends they have turned out to be! Life here is terrific, so peaceful with plenty of wildlife a
  15. Success!! It was hard fought, but I got there. In hindsight, it should have taken 10 minutes. I spent over 3 hours trying to find the right tools for the job. The problem was the needle bar adjustment. It took a tiny flashlight, magnifying lens, a very thin long screwdriver (had to make a trip to town for a 1/8" x 10" blade) and a long medium sized philips head screwdriver. Whew. The adjustment itself was easy. I climbed right back on that horse and quilted some more straight lines with a shorter ruler this time. Dawn taught me to keep moving my hand along the ruler for safety. I was
  16. Just when I was getting some control over my straight lines, I ran over the guide ruler. Now I can't bring the bobbin thread up. Do I need to adjust the timing for my Millie? I changed needle and bobbin already. Thx Annie
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