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  1. Lovely quilting Corey. I like your curly background fill because it's not dense and so pretty.
  2. Looks great Debbie. I like the way you used the different boards to make the borders.
  3. *********** LOL The cash award for best of show at our county fair is about $5 Your quilting is spectacular!
  4. ****************** Great question Heidi. You know, I read the post recently on quilting in the dark, and that's what I'm doing. I'm using the machine's light and natural sun light from a window close by, and I turned my big fluorescent overhead light off. That window provides good side light. I'm using the edge of the brown stripe as the feather spine. I start at the bottom and go up, then straight stitch back down the spine to get to the bottom again. Then I sneak over in the ditch to the other edge of the stripe/spine. While I'm making the feathers, I concentrate on the shape. I
  5. *************** I enjoy making feathers of any size, so I'm loving this time spent. There are 4 blocks on the quilt with the striped background, and I plan to do the little feathers on just those 4. I'm working hard to come up with two other designs for the rest of the blocks that I will enjoy doing as well. I definitely don't want to get stuck doing one I hate for hours and hours and hours.....
  6. Boy, this has been a long time in the making. This quilt is something I started almost 10 years ago. I'm so slow at hand applique....thought it might never get done. I'm finding that the machine quilting is super fun. I got so excited this week to see how the background filler makes this applique pop. I'm still working on this block, and it's the first one of many. Just had to share the fun.... Before filler, I outlined the applique and did a small echo around it. With some of the filler done Thanks for looking.
  7. Thanks for this post. I tried turning the lights out while I'm quilting the background filler on my Vintage Valentine blocks. Wow, that's nice. This is cream on cream.
  8. That is so pretty Ardelle. I love the big feathers echoed with small filler next to them.
  9. So I bought Angela Huffman's Ideal Quilt Guide, the Angel Edition (8") when she announced it a few months ago. Yesterday I decided to give it a try, to make bead board on a 7" border. Normally I chalk all the lines on first and use my Itty Bitty ruler. The Ideal Quilt Guide is truly well named....it is IDEAL. Wow. I am so impressed! It is just the right length, it stays in place without being obnoxious to move. I only had to make small marks outside the border because I was being picky about the spacing. The ruler has perfect lines etched so you can square it to the quilt seams.
  10. Your quilting is stunning. What a treasure that will be.
  11. Nicely done. I took a class from Karen Stone last year. She said we should work with fabrics we love. I've been trying to do that and it really helps with motivation. Of course, that doesn't help when it's a customers quilt. Unless.....could we turn down customer quilt tops because they are ugly?
  12. Great quilt. Love the quilting choices. All of them. Wow.
  13. I don't see it. What a cool quilt. So fun to look at.
  14. Zeke you are such a tease!
  15. EQ7 makes it very easy. It's a program that you run on your computer.
  16. That's a show stopper! Beautiful quilt. Great job Dell.
  17. I just discovered The Sun Sets on Sunbonnet Sue. I apologize to those who just love SS, but I think this is very funny: Apparently this was made by a group in Kansas in the late 1970's.
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