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    anniemueller reacted to Bonnie H in Kaleidoscope Quilt finished   
    Beautiful, Anne! I love everything about it!!!
    I, too, love Patsy Thompson's hyperfeathers. I have most of her DVDs and a book or two. Maybe one day I will get brave and copy her hyperfeather quilting technique!
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    anniemueller reacted to Gail O in changed thread color and tension got too tight   
    Possibly the extra dye on darker threads is causing problems.  Whenever I use black or dark brown in the bobbin I add a bit of sewer's aid.
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    anniemueller reacted to QuilterB in First time posting my work!   
    Decided it was time to share my work.
    1-Rick's photo quilt is for a friend who didn't have t-shirts but wanted to make a quilt for his son. I asked if he had pictures and this is what I made. I used my Squarz CL board. He was very pleased. I can't wait til he gives it to his son- who is in the army.
    2- Johns quilt is one of my quilting friends. It is for her son and I used the the new CL board- Egyptian eye. I really like this board and so did my friend.

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    anniemueller got a reaction from pumpkinpatchquilter in Simple Custom - Lots of Feathers and Stippling :)   
    Fabulous feathers!
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    anniemueller got a reaction from ffq-lar in Just finished. Customer guild border challenge   
    What a beautiful quilting job.  Linda, you are incredible.  I too love the buried treasures in the pebbling.  Did you free motion those while pebbling?
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    anniemueller reacted to Quilting Heidi in Kaleidoscope Quilt finished   
    Beautiful job Annie!
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    anniemueller reacted to RitaR in Kaleidoscope Quilt finished   
    Sure is purdy.. beautiful 
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    anniemueller reacted to K. Szymaszek in Kaleidoscope Quilt finished   
    I have to echo all the other comments. This is just amazing. I love everything you did. Gorgeous. K
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    anniemueller reacted to Primitive1 in Kaleidoscope Quilt finished   
    Wow Wow Wow!  You really did an awesome job with both the piecing and the quilting!!!
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    anniemueller reacted to Enchanted Quilting in Kaleidoscope Quilt finished   
    Amazing, Annie!!  I love every element of your quilting and fabric choices.  How wonderful to have it hanging in your studio.  I may suggest a challenge like this for our guild:)
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    anniemueller reacted to Marti10245 in Kaleidoscope Quilt finished   
    Wow that is beautiful!!!! You did an outstanding job, everything about this quilt is really beautiful. I could just look at it for hours. I'm a mechanical designer by trade so I like to see when people pay perticuliar attention to details and you nailed it You do gorgous work.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful work with us.
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    anniemueller reacted to pmuntz in Kaleidoscope Quilt finished   
    I'm speechless - which is unusual for me.   Beautiful!!!
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    anniemueller reacted to shirleyl in Kaleidoscope Quilt finished   
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    anniemueller reacted to Wannabelongarm in Kaleidoscope Quilt finished   
    Love it. Motivates me to get mine done so I can quilt it!
    Joanne Flamand
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    anniemueller reacted to delld in Kaleidoscope Quilt finished   
    Well what is left for me to say! Ditto many times to above! Annie,it is just down right awesome. wonderful and beautiful!!!  They (your guild) sure missed out!
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    anniemueller got a reaction from Sharond in Kaleidoscope Quilt finished   
    Ta Da!  Finally got the sleeve sewn on and hung.  Isn't it pretty?  I love this one, it's hanging in my studio.
    It's from the Ricky Tim's Kool Kaleidoscope book.  My guild had a challenge this spring to make kaleidoscope quilts from this book.  It was due in April, I missed that deadline because I love it too much to quilt fast.  Much of the quilting inspiration is from Feather Adventures! by Patsy Thompson.  I really love her hyperquilted feathers, so I went to town with them.
    The batting is wool.  Most of the quitling is done with Glide threads on top, Bottom Line or Invisifil in the bobbin.  The outer border was quilted with 3 different colors of thread.  First the outer feathers went on with one color.  Then I changed colors and stitched the next inner designs.  Repeat with the third color and inner most designs.  This made some very heavy back tracking on the spines, which I was ok with for this quilt.
    Because this isn't a real big quilt, I chose to SID some of the shapes first, just to stabilize it.  Then I quilted from the inside out.  Of course, the center deisgns went quickly, so I thought I'd be done sooner.  As I got further out, and the quilting got more dense, it took a lot longer.  
    I did steam it when done to lay flat.  All it needed was a light steam and hand pressing, I did not need to pin it while drying.  

    Thanks for looking!  It's so nice to finally post a finished project
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    anniemueller got a reaction from Bonnie H in HELP!! Old quilt markings..how do I ....   
    I am so sorry that you're having this problem.  I have no solution to remove the blue lines    But, I do believe that it is situations like these that call for creative embellishment
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    anniemueller reacted to Pat C in Kaleidoscope Quilt finished   
    Everything about this quilt is beautiful Annie!  Love the border work you've done.
    Thanks for sharing!
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    anniemueller reacted to LisaC in Kaleidoscope Quilt finished   
    Annie, that is absolutely stunning. I love your hyperquilted feathers; all of it is beautiful. Great job!
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    anniemueller reacted to JeannieB in Kaleidoscope Quilt finished   
    Now that quilting matches the quilt! Its amazing!  8-)
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    anniemueller reacted to KarenH in Kaleidoscope Quilt finished   
    Wow, this came out awesome. The quilting is beautiful and really compliments the quilt!!!
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    anniemueller reacted to ffq-lar in Kaleidoscope Quilt finished   
    Very wonderful! Lots to look at and admire--the fabrics and especially the quilting!
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    anniemueller reacted to Sue E. in Kaleidoscope Quilt finished   
    Fantastic. Your quilting is wonderful.
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    anniemueller reacted to GMALKB in Kaleidoscope Quilt finished   
    Gorgeous !   Love your quilting !  Nice job!
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    anniemueller reacted to T Row Studio in Kaleidoscope Quilt finished   
    Love what you did so much to look at ....You nailed it Annie
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