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  1. I live in McKinney Texas. I would also love to come to your presentation. I owned a Millennium for about a year while I lived in Waco.
  2. Thanks so much for the great information. I plan to get one. I am eager to start my next tshirt quilt.
  3. LinneaMarie, Which Pellon do you use? I am working on one now and would like to do more. Thanks.
  4. Does the heat press have steam? Don't you have to use steam heat to bond the interfacing? I am very interested and would like to purchase one.
  5. Thanks for all of the input. I have just ordered Quilters Dream Poly. I did more reading of the product on their website. I believe it is what my friend would like. I look forward to working with this batting. Again, thanks so much.
  6. I am making a tshirt quilt for a friend's daughter. The quilt will need to be washed in a front loader washing machine. Has anyone washed a quilt using Pellon Legacy Natural Blend 80/20 batting? Is there another batting you would recommend? I will be quilting it on my DSM. She would like the quilt to be very soft so I plan to quilt no closer together that 3 inches. I really appreciate your input.
  7. I have sewn many clothes for my granddaughters' AG dolls with the McCalls M6137, M5554, M6370. Also with Butterick 3875 and see&sew B5414. I use newborn onsies to make tshirts by cutting right above the leg opening and serging a new hem. Then I can embroider matching tshirts using a smaller design on the onsie. Also you can google how to make headbands. You are going to have so much fun.
  8. I sold my Millie a couple of years ago. We offered free delivery within 100 miles. But we did not offer to set it up. That was what attracted our buyers. She was such a precious lady.
  9. Urban Elements has one called circles and one called bubbles.
  10. Asking $200. Purchased the Viking Scandinavia 200 in 2006 for $600. Since then, I have purchased a Bernina. The machine is in excellent condition. I don't think that it even has 80 hours worth of sewing time on it. Also has the quilting walking foot with it. Here is a link for further info on the machine: http://www.husqvarnaviking.com/ko/598_1097.htm If interested, send me a U2U message. Thanks.
  11. So creative and so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I will look up the pattern.
  12. The tree skirt is absolutely lovely. What is the name of the pattern for the Christmas tree skirt? I really like this pattern. I am doing a Christmas tree skirt using Christmas fabrics for my son and daughter-in-law. I would like to use this pattern.
  13. I wear a cotton tshirt when quilting and sewing. When I clip threads or just see a loose thread, I put it on my shoulder. The thread sticks to my tshirt. Then when I am near a thrash can, I de-thread myself.
  14. Thanks for your feedback. I will just wait a few days and see if I have better luck.
  15. Is anyone else having trouble logging into her network?
  16. Thanks Joyce and Linda. I have So Fine that I will use for the quilting. They will be wrapped up in "love letters" from their friends.
  17. My daughter got married last Saturday. I made her a DWR quilt top from fabric she and her husband collected over the past year during travels. He is from Germany. At showers and at the wedding, guests signed the backing fabric with the Micron 01 Pigma Archival Pen which I purchased at JoAnn's. Now I am wondering how to quilt the back. Use invisible thread in the bobbin? Don't want the thread to cover the signatures and the messages.
  18. I have not posted for quite sometime. I have been quilting for over 50 years. My grandmothers would flip one block in every quilt and say that only God's work is perfect. Your quilt is so beautiful.
  19. I think this is a very cute quilt. Can I have it?
  20. We have cotton fabric for the backing now! I am so relieved.
  21. The fabric was all chosen by the older lady.
  22. Have you ever quilted a quilt on a long arm that had a double knit backing? Friend has finished a quilt for an older friend that is going into a nursing home. The quilt means a lot to the lady going into the nursing home. It is supposed to be a wall hanging so I assume the quilt is not very large.
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