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  1. I know that SID is stitch in the ditch which I have done on the domestic. But, how is it done on a longarm? How close do you get? I keep slipping on to the other fabric when I am trying to SID with my long arm.
  2. My mom did that with new potatoes but never the large ones. She had another option...make me peel them. Love this tip.
  3. I agree that the support of this forum is great. Lynn, you did a great job. What a wonderful friend you are to her.
  4. Thanks for the input. Now I have a new issue. My pantograph started at 1 inch between the rows; when I got to the end of the row, there was barely 1/4 of an inch. I did not take the quilt off of the rack and did not shift the quilt while stitching this row. I did not move the pantograph. Previous rows were fine. I had my quilt stablized with quilting pins every 3 inches across the front of the quilt. Any ideas?
  5. My pattern ran off the fabric on the right; can that be cut when the binding is attached or what is another option.
  6. When a pantograph is used, how do you stop at the end of the row? Do you sew off the edge of the fabric? What do you do with the thread ends? Thanks your input.
  7. Thanks for sharing your oops. Makes me fell a little better. And some things to watch out for. I feel like I have just about done them all already (and it only been 3 months)
  8. Hi Angie, Welcome. I am pretty new also. I like your quilt. I hope you have a lot of fun. This forum is so supportive and very helpful.
  9. Sylvia, I love the bright colors that you used. I will have to try that next time I do a tshirt quilt. I have used black and dark blue before.
  10. I have done 10+ Tshirt quilts. The part I find to be the most time consuming is the stablizing part. I only have a home steam iron. The blog referred to by Dory is great. I only fuse one shirt at a time because of a bad experience once. I only recently purchased the long arm so when I guilted the Tshirt quilts, I quilted them on a domestic machine. So, I cannot give any advice about quilting them on a longarm. I can tell you that the tshirts with white, thick paint will melt. If I can help in any way, please feel free to contact me. Good luck.
  11. With all of these tips, I am ready to try another with a vertical seam. The next 2 quilts are 108" but then I can try again. I am very grateful for this group. Thanks for all of the input. You all been very good to me. Thanks so much.
  12. Thanks so much. The backing fabric and the quilt were both directional. I was using a pantograph that was somewhat directional and would not work if I loaded the quilt sideways. How can you see the vertical seams when the quilt is loaded? I see this as another great chance to learn and do better next time.
  13. I just finished a quilt that is 92 x 92 inches. The backing has a couple of vertical seams. When I took the quilt off, I noticed that the backing is not straight. Any suggestions on how to make sure the backing lines up next time? This is a raffle quilt that I volunteered to do. I am very disappointed because I worked for 3 full days on the quilt and was really trying to do a good job. I was originally taught to float the top. Is it better to not float the tops? Thanks.
  14. I am excited for you. You are an encouragement.
  15. Lynne, I may have been in Dawn's class with you. I too am having a lot of tension problems. I just finished a raffle quilt that I volunteered to quilt to get more experience. It took me 4 hours Saturday night to get the tension right. Sunday morning I was ready to sell my machine and move to an island. In church, I was praying about for my machine. Someone from this forum suggested going back and reading all of the old posts on tension; that helped but think it is just going to take practice (and patience that I am out of). I will be thinking of you.
  16. I looked up Terry Twists so now I know what they are. Had a class 2 weeks ago with Dawn C. and she explained this. I knew more than I thought just didn't know the lingo. Thanks so much.
  17. Thanks for the input. I will also look for Darlene Epps. On this one I want to do a pantograph but looking for ways to grow. Thanks so much.
  18. I am amazed in what I have learned in 3 months; but still overwhelmed at what I don't know. Is CC (continuous curves) a meander type of stitch? Thanks for the tip on the acronyms. I will search for it.
  19. I would appreciate any suggestions on quilting this quilt. And the color of thread to use. The pattern is sudoku and the fabric is very rich in color. I am very new and have very few pantographs. The pantograph I was thinking about using is Peacock Palm Peacock Palm Thanks for the help.
  20. What is "cc" and do you know of a place to learn the shortcuts used for longarm quilting? Thanks.
  21. I took the beginners class with Dawn in Iowa last week. She showed us a way to mark quilt using pounce with a black light. Quilts stores in my area do not have it and don't even know about it? Do know where to purchase it? Have you used it? It looked very useful.
  22. What boards are you using to make the swirls and Baptist fans? I am still very new and learning.
  23. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary. Had my Edgeriders for a week and have enjoyed them so much. Don't want to go to bed at night! Such a blessing.
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