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  1. I was surprised out how soft it turned out. I just did a large stipple. Customer was very satisfied. Thanks for the input.
  2. Does polyester batting produce more lint than cotton? I have all of this fuzz around my needle?
  3. Bonnie, thanks for the insight. I should know this since I have quilted by hand since I was a child. I am so knew at machine quilting that I don't think of all of the details yet. This is a quilt for someone else. I am going to try the design on a cotton fabric with a cotton batting. It is a really cute fish design. What would I do without the group? Thanks.
  4. I was trying to use a decorative fish panograph but it really does not show. Also the batting that I was provided is polyester.
  5. I have a quilt made from flannel. It seems to stretch more than the other fabrics. And the quilting seems to bury more so is worth the time to do decorative quilting? Any guidance is appreciated. I have not worked with flannel before and have only done about 25 quilts total. See, I am still very, very new. Thanks.
  6. Thanks so much for sharing all of this. I keep learning more and more. It's good to be part of this forum. I am relaxed more about trying new things. Thanks ladies.
  7. Thanks for the responses. I appreciate the help. Always more to learn. But isn't that the fun.
  8. I am new to long arm quilting. When a thread breaks or gets caught so that there is not tail? How do you secure the end of the thread so the stitches do not come out?
  9. I put the Edgerider Wheels on my Millie yesterday. Had some trouble, but OH, it is so worth it. I nearly quilted all night because I am having so much fun.
  10. The Edgerider wheels are on and they are so wonderful. Did have some trouble getting them put on but Patty was so great. She answered each question and problem so quickly. Thanks Patty!
  11. Thanks so much for the quick reply. I am so eager to try the things at I learned at the beginners class in Iowa with Dawn Cavanaugh. I probably should have hired someone to install the wheels but really thought I would give it a try. I will give you a call Patty. Thanks Lisa, I feel encouraged.
  12. I am a new owner of a Millie. I also just received my EdgeRider Wheels from Katydids. I am having so much trouble trying to install them. Who can I call? I left a message with Katdids but have not had a call back.
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