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  1. my machine is a Gammill, 35 is a nice speed i thought, its a medium speed for me, smooth, The thread isnt laying the same up top. Under seems to be pulled with a stretching, i was hopping someone with a simular machine would hop in. I think I have to loosen my bobbin tension but have never had the need. I have cleaned aroundthe case, lint free, & will begin the ripping out today. I'm going to call the CO. as i have taken enough time waiting for a blessing. Thanks anyways. I was thinking of sending pis but not sure how to send them here. Cindaroo
  2. "Welcome Anne L." Hi Ladies, I should have written last night, I have been meandering at motor speed 35, i have stretching in the back of my stitches, even pulls like, I'm wild, I'm using tex 30, flannels, The only change from stitching is I've been sewing with cotton front & back. I'm on aa flannel now. I'm not happy I should pull it out as the pattern is "Bear in the woods" 14inch, TWO PASSES already. I'm on Classic Plus, Any takers? Should I also be in a bigger stitch? It looks so nice on top. Even with the pull on back I can see how great the sewing is. HELP!! Thank Goodness when I come home today I may have a happy response from one of you. Thanks again Cindaroo
  3. Thanks Ladies, Your so great for the response, I called her today, she looked while it was still loaded , she took it home & will bring a new one, since its my 4th qt, I didnt think i need any kind of bad reviews, She was great about it, Thanks again Gals, Your all so wonderful, Thank Heavens for this site. P.s. Loving my machine & all its creations, See ya here soon, Cindaroo
  4. also ladies, the gully is in the middle of the quilt outside, not the top, or bottom. Hope noone minds my bad spelling, trying to rush thru the typing. Thanks again. Cindaroo
  5. Hi Ladies, its been awile,hope all is well, I have done my 4th qt. I have amazed myself with the results, will be posting my pics as soon as I have more then a moment, I just loaded a huge backing onto my rollers,she had peiced 2/45" together ,straight down the middle which is facinating,since the materials are made of some kind of cotton/lycra. As I am thrilled the whole peice is 84x116,you can figure my amazment when I roll the whole thing and one side of the quilt as a gully that i think cant be fixed no matter what i do, as tight as the back can roll,done it, folded over the top & bottom 1/4 " even before pinning the batting hoping any slack would be helped. :oHELP!!! is what I need, also the pattern is geometric lil boxes all the way thru the pattern, I was going to sew these great box like pattern I get out of a book, I KNOW better not to because of teh stretch but WHAT should I do with the GULLY thats at the middle end of the right side panel that I would be beginning to sew on, Its no where near anything I could pin, possibly pin or come up with a solution, should I have the woman come see it as it sits on the rollers?,and tell her she need to provide something else? Thanks ladies, I know someone will have someting wonderful for me to learn, Ill catch ya here tomorrow. Cindaroo ,
  6. I cant get over Eureka , I think they have thought of everything, I am still waiting for my back ordered computer (for my business only) so i have not begun the download. I have gone over the book EX ### amount of times. THRILLED is only a word thats exciting. I truley hope everyone gets a chance to purchase it, What a great way to learn your individual business with the help of great guidence. All of the imput here on this forum is beeter than any tv anyday. Thanks Ladies again. Love all the ZIPPER CHAT, will be here watching for more. See ya Cindaroo
  7. Is that the one Bona was working on? i got an email it was almost ready, It will be interesting to know, & see, Cindaroo
  8. WOW!!! What a great UP LIFT!! I wish mine had come here as fast as yours, I know its in the mail, I hope everyone uses it, I believe its going to be a great asset. Good luck chickaroo's Cindy (cindaroo)
  9. Quilters Business Manager System Components! How wonderful, Has anyone else checked out the site? I have sent my order, Can't wait to get it on my computer. Any fed back girls? would love to chat on this one. Cindy (Cindaroo)
  10. Thank You Linda, I have checked that out and also the web site of Willow Leaf, I love it there, wonderful place & love the way she has created the beginning & ends. Although I havent ordered my machine yet, I have been taking care of all the other important aspects of the business. I will be more than ready when my machine is here. See ya soon, Cindy
  11. Hi Everyone, Are the leaders versatile for all machines? I do think the leaders would be an asset. Thank you for the info. Cindy
  12. WOW, I couldnt be more happy to see that software, its almost like fate!!! I LOVE it, I'm canceling my quick books tommorrow morn before they send out my other computer. I'm truly impressed, THANK YOU JUDY & you other ladies who helped make the software possible. catch ya soon, Cindy(roo)
  13. Hi, Bono just wrote me, he's had some ups & downs or ahall I say a hold back alittle there working out the program, he says hes almost there & will keep me posted, Anyone else hear anything else? I just bought a new computer & a Quick Books pro program for it, I cant wait to check that out. see ya Cindaroo
  14. Hi ladies, can you tell us what the ROI sheet consists of. I have the business plan & as much reading material that comes with the folders ,CD,ect.... not sure what that ROI sheet is. Ill be here this evening & morning to check in, hope to find out. Thanks ladies. Cindaroo
  15. Beautiful work Judy, it looks so pillow-eee, lol. I love the pattern too. 2 more days & off to Boston & New Hampshire. Cant wait to get back to see what I've missed here . Take care. Cinderoo:D