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  1. Are there any local places to buy needles for our APQS machines?
  2. Thanks Jim and Ann for your response. I forgot I asked on the forum. I had clicked do not email responses, which was dumb. Thanks tho. I finally started slower. Guess I am a slow starter! ha
  3. I would like to know what speed most people use the most. I also would like to know how many stitches per minute the Ultima II has the capacity for. Is it easier to start slow? Should one start out slow? Any thoughts? Thank you.
  4. This is directed to Laura, Mamu could you give me some info about putting a stitch regulator on my Ultima II? Also I think you mentioned in another post about changing out the table. Thank you in advance. Vicki Sue
  5. Thank you!! Someone Said it looked like an old Lenny table! Do you think it was? I appreciate your help. Vicki
  6. Chart 59. Could you tell me where you got your table made or the brand? I have an Ultimate II. Vicki 402-690-3329
  7. Please chart59 reply to my questions above on this post. I want to be notified.
  8. Do you remember how much for the table? I also would like to ask if it is available still. Plus negotiable lights? I live in Nebraska
  9. Sheri, are you still thinking about going? I am still in limbo. I could not go on Wed after all. I'll be watching for an email if you can go,ok??
  10. Gosh, I really want to go too! Last year I went on the last day for 2 hours, was still worth the drive. I live in Elkhorn. I have to work until noon tho. Is anyone leaving later than Jewels?? Get back, it is so much more fun to go with someone! my # is 402-690-3329 if you need to call. I go to work at HY-VEE at 4am. Hope someone calls. Vicki:)
  11. Thanks so much for the help. I thought I had read something about the needles changing, and sometimes I find it hard to navigate to find the right answers. Vicki
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