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  1. I only have the original-style high-profile foot for use with rulers and the low-profile open toe foot. Love the interchangeability!
  2. I put them on my Millie and yes, I get a much better view with the low profile foot. I really do enjoy being able to change the feet for different tasks.
  3. I also love the interchangeable feet! I did the change myself - the only difficult part was sawing the old foot into pieces so I could get it out of the machine. Would definitely recommend the change.
  4. Thanks for all of the good advice. My dealer found a set that I could borrow to try out. I really think they'll be great. I tried to SID a few blocks and what a difference. Very good control! I think it's the difference between having my hands vertical vs. horizontal. I know it sounds strange, but it really makes a difference to me. Does anyone have a set they don't use and would be willing to sell? Thanks again!
  5. I'm considering purchasing the microdrive handles since I've been doing more detailed work and would like a bit more control. Anyone have good/bad experiences? They are a bit expensive so I'd appreciate any advise. Thanks!
  6. This happened to me as well. I spoke with Amy (who said my Milli had an attitude problem!) and she sent me a grounding kit for the machine head. I put that on and it still happened. I thought a while, and realized that the table was not grounded either, so I attached a grounding cable to one of the rail bolts, then to the grounding screw on an outlet. The problem is almost gone, it still happens very occasionally. Hope this helps!
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