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  1. Your quilting on this is just grand! I think that god was smiling down on you as you concentrated on all that micro work! I hope that the raffles goes well!
  2. Beautiful! I love the IQ feathers!! And all the colors are wonderful. I hope your sis enjoys it for a long, long time. I'm with Sylvia - wish I had a sis and that she was a quilter! or a brother that was a quilter.
  3. Oh, how exciting for you!! Just enjoy the process and everything will turn out just fine!!! And if there are any dips and curves you've got a great group here to get you through pretty much anything you do. Isn't it wonderful?!? Oh, no E tickets at the Disney locations now. But fast pass is wonderful!!!! We manage to sneek out of the Iowa winter and spend a bit of time there during Feb. every year. Yippee. I'm proud to don my mouse ears!!! Good luck and know you are never alone!
  4. I love this, and what a good use of the stars!!! We have a chessie from a pet rescue. So way to go on this darling quilt and what wonderful work you and your husband are doing!
  5. I found this a bit late! But LOVED it! what a good show of patriotism and I too was a flute then piccolo player!!!
  6. This is so soft and lovely! Perfect compliment to the quilt top and your feathers look great!!! Thanks for sharing!
  7. This is going to be such a beautiful quilt! I can't wait to see it all put together and then what quilting you decide upon. What a nice piece it will be!!!
  8. I would also be interested in some of your toys!!! And CONGRATULATIONS on your new toy!!!
  9. I think she'll be a lucky girl to call this one her own!!! It's lovely!
  10. What a great story, and a son to be proud of!
  11. Fantastic idea!! Thanks for sharing!!!
  12. This is just stunning!! Beautiful work. Was this an online with Sharon Schamber? Thanks for sharing!!!
  13. It's awesome that you guys have provided yet another way for all of us to stay up to date with APQS, techniques and each other! Thanks so much for keeping the family strong!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!! Looks good, and what a nice choice by the dresden plates!!
  15. Love the angular cross hatch pattern you used in the border. Very creative!
  16. I just love your feathers and what I can see of the designs going on in the blockwork. You should be oh so proud!!!
  17. Just look at how many things you got to check off of your quilting bucket list! Way to go for challenging yourself!!! We'll be excited to see the results!
  18. Jeri, we have several fields between Mondamin, IA and Blenco, IA. The inundation maps show it to be in 2-4 feet of water. So all that has been planted there will be a loss. The town of Modale has been instructed to evacuate and power will be turned off as soon as the flood waters get there. The entire downtown and lower parts of Missouri Valley are expected to be in multiple feet of water very soon. The railroad is already in raising the bed of the tracks right now so they can keep one line through here going. The water levels coming down the Missouri are to be at 150 cubic feet per secon
  19. Flooding of the Missouri River is now encompassing farm fields and communities. The reality is now visual for all of us that live up and down the I-29 corridor between the Missouri Border and Sioux City, Iowa. The floods have already changed our lives so much from corporations and business leaving the area to the potential thoughts of our entire school being under water for a good portion of the beginning of the school year. Please keep your hopes high for us in this area, and I pray that the waters recede quickly. So many nasty storms this year... I must be having a deep, dark moment.