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  1. Your quilting job is wonderful! I hope that it will be given and received with great honor!
  2. What an awesome honor Heidi, congratulations!!!
  3. This is hanging in the APQS showroom, and it was a treat to get to see it in person!!
  4. Beautiful!!! I don't think you have ANYTHING to worry about! I would be proud as punch with this lovely quilting job!
  5. DollieBee

    starry quilt

    Such a wonderful job! I have a weekness for these star blocks! Great use of the Regal board!!
  6. Yah, yah, Black, white and bright! That would be great!
  7. The quilting on this turned out FANTASTIC!! Great choice, and it just completed the quilt nicely!
  8. Awesome Lynne... Hey, where in Iowa are you? My studio is now looking down on the Morton building where all the tractors are getting decked out for harvest! I get to crawl in that beast for harvest. : )
  9. You guys really are so inspirational! I'm drafting right now to figure out exactly how I wish to use these. I'm glad to see the different dyed fabric pics that got attached out here!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! thanks so much for sharing! This truly is a wonderful forum to belong to!!!!! Dye your little hearts out!!!!
  10. Bonnie, I usually dye at least half yards. This particular combed cotton is a suede brushed finish and I got it from Dharma! Now everyone get on over to their site and get some. They are GREAT! Love their products and customer service. Can't say enough good things about them. I've been dealing with them for 7 years now for dye supplies. If you search hard on their customer testimonials, you will find Cherrywood out there as one of their customers.
  11. I thought I'd post some recent eye candy that I dyed. This was a first attempt at a 12 step gradation. Usually I only do 6 step single color, or 7 step color to color. So this was new and a lot of fun! I was lucky to come across the 'suede finish' cotton that you can dye!!! It is just yummy!!!! Then I really loved this run of color, so I had to overdye some black and white fabric, so I'd have a little stash going in this color selection. Now my only problem is trying to figure out just what I will do with it, and if I can actually cut into it instead of look at it!
  12. I am so very sad for your loss, but yet very excited about the new paws to join your family!!! Rescued animals are so very special in all their own little ways, as are the other pets in our lives. But rescued animals are a bit different. They bond with a special love, I think it comes from knowing that you give them unconditional love and know they have lived through some very bad times. Hunter came to us through Pet Finders! What a wonderful service, and I send blessings to all the hearts that pour out to help with it!!! You can see Amelia, my daughter, and our wonderful Hunter. He is c
  13. Awesome piecing weekend for you!!! Congrats, that's awesome to be able to get so much done! I was frogging all weekend. Dang it. Now back to quilting though!
  14. I have a binder with the pantos copied, via black perm. marker, on acetate. The edge of the acetate is then covered with tape to keep the acetate from tearing. This way the customer can take the panto out and audition it on their quilt to really get the impact of the different designs. Then the designs are catagorized into 3 sections. Easier pantos, cheaper quilting rate to most complex, most expensive.
  15. It turned out absolutely WONDERFUL!!! No wonder your customer had tears in her eyes! It's a masterpiece!
  16. What an absolutely stunning quilt. Your quilting really added too this quilt! Awesome job!!!
  17. I've attached a pic of the quilt I'm working on with my quiltazoid. I've piano keyed the outside border, feathered a 2" border and then put a quiltazoid design in the center of 4 blocks and meandered around it. You can see the outside edge in the pic. There is a little difference in density, I just need some opinions if I should echo the piano key line, fill in every other key with meander, or if you think it might be ok. I'm worried about the piano key border being a little less dense than the center of the quilt. I really don't want to have this one waving at me!!! Your opinions pre
  18. I think that I probably would SID the Stars that are in the basic block shape and play with the QZ in the secondary shape that is formed where the four blocks come together. That shape is already setting you up for some type of circular design. Should be fun to quilt, whichever way you decide. Can't wait to see what you come up with!