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  1. You guys are all great, and I sure do hope to meet some of you at MQS next week! Take care and safe travels!
  2. I think I will be stencil shopping at MQS. Don't have many and haven't used a darn one yet. I so appreciate this challenge! This will get the creativity flowing while learning to use another quilting tool! AWESOME! Count me in!! Thanks!
  3. I will be coming down too. I will be getting in on Monday sometime and departing on Thursday around noon. Angela, I'm so glad to hear that your mother is going to make it. If any of you see this lovely lady doing her applique in the lobby area, do stop by and say hi! She is a dear, and so wonderful to speak with!! Just love her! Safe travel! Dollie
  4. Wonderful way to enhance the block piecing! Beautiful quilting! Sew the seeds of happiness!
  5. Fantastic! I love how you quilted the large feathers! It really increases the impact of the pieced design. Beautiful job! Sew the seeds of happiness!
  6. Wow Thanks everyone! Quilters are such wonderful people, hugs to you all!
  7. Thanks Meg! I started out with a KenQuilt machine and had it for about 5 years, while I worked in corporate america. I got my Millie when I decided to stay home and help my husband. I would still say I'm pretty green at all this. I do take in some customer quilts. Pretty much all edge to edge/panto stuff. I'm still getting to know and love my Millie!
  8. Hello all, I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself out here. I've been lurking since I got my millie in August, and found that this section of the forums seemed to be home for me. I truly love and appreciate all of your wonderful, positive comments and always look forward to seeing what has been posted. I'm in western central Iowa, about 50 miles from the APQS factory, and we're farmers. So spring and fall I'm usually out there in the fields, helping get the crop in or out. But any other time I'm in my studio enjoying 'my time'! You all seemed like such a welcoming group t
  9. This is absolutely beautiful. I will be in line to learn what pattern it is and where we can get our hands on it. Your quilting is fantastic! Sew the seeds of happiness!