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  1. Does anyone know if there are classes or someone willing to give lessons in Quilt Path in Wisconsin?
  2. I laid out a panto and it took a 1/2 hr after I hit the save button for it to come up to name and save the file? What is going on?
  3. If you don't finish your quilt in one day is there a way to pick up where you left off?
  4. Sue what is Facebook Group called?
  5. How do I get the rows of my panto to nest with each other? There is too much space between rows.
  6. They are on a USB and QP still doesn't recognize them.
  7. I am trying to get my patterns into quilt path and it does not find them. I have followed all the steps and when I open the place where I know the pattern is it doesn't show up. Is there a setting I am missing? First day with my new machine. Can't be down to many days, too much work to get done!
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