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    mamu reacted to Busy Quilting in Please help me stick to my guns - advice welcome   
    I wouldn't be working for $10 an Hour, ask her to find someone at McDonalds that could do the work for that!
    Give her a quote for each project individually that DOES compensate you for all the time it will take you.
    Let her decide whether she wants to go ahead with them being completed.
    repeat after all of us
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    mamu got a reaction from marquetta in Friends using your machine   
    I allowed a friend to quilt a quilt she had made for her son and daughter n law.  I charged her $40 a day and it took her two days.  I did charge her $2 per bobbin used for thread.  I was there the whole time and helped when needed.  I probably wouldn't do it again as I had one heck of a time getting my machine back to normal after her use.  Good lesson for me as I was thinking about renting time on my machine.
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    mamu got a reaction from Beachside Quilter in Whole Cloth Quilt Patterns   
    You are very welcome Vickie.  I had purchased a couple through this site a few months ago and when the topic came up about Whole Cloth Quilts, I couldn't remember where I had got them.  Old age is a terrible desease    Well, they sent an email out and WaLa... here it is!
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    mamu got a reaction from GrandmaLKB in Just VENTING here............continuing t-shirt quilt saga........:>(   
    CASH THE CHECK!!  don't deposit it....then sit down with beverage of choice and breathe a sigh of relief
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    mamu got a reaction from RoseCity Quilter in How I organized my panto's for showing customers...   
    spam reported
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    mamu got a reaction from pumpkinpatchquilter in What Do You Use in the Bobbin with Rainbows?   
    "grippy" is the key I think... I use Magna quilt which is a cotton thread, in my ULT2 machine and this seems to work the best for me.
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    mamu got a reaction from Dyan in Puppy pads   
    WOW, and you put binding on them too!!!
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    mamu reacted to anniemueller in What do you think--splitting fees with LQS   
    50/50 isn't enough.  I don't think you should split the cost with the shop owner at all.  The shop owner benefits by having your customers drop off and pick up their quilts in her shop.  It draws quilters into the shop where they are likely to spend money.  My LQS owner is happy to provide her shop for drop off/pick up to any long arm quilter for that reason.
    Buy your own supplies and thank the LQS owner for her referrals.
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    mamu got a reaction from Quilting Grammy in NQA Judge unethical? Has anyone heard?   
    I have turned down many offers for being a judge at the local quilts show and fair.  I told them that I could recognize peoples work and it wouldn't be right for me to be a judge.  With our counties limited availability of certified judges, they ask local quilt makers to be judges.  You can imagine the amount of problems this causes.  However, the quilt maker has a choice wheather they want their quilt judged or not.  Most of the larger quilts shows in my area, offer public choice for various categories.  This seems to be a better solution than having a handful of local quilt makers judge friends quilts and causes much less problems.  This wouldn't work for the major shows where the 'big bucks' are. 
    Back to the orginal question of  the mother/daughter judges being unethical.... in my opinion YES, they should have excused themselves from judging any works that either of them might have done and had another judge them.
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    mamu reacted to GrandmaLKB in Quilting with a 'silent' partner?   
    Oh, that is a tricky one.   I would be upset if MY quilt was being sent off to someone else without my knowledge.   IF that's what's happening, it will catch up with her one day and she will have to answer for it.   If she is doing this secretly and not telling her customers, then, she is very wrong !     I think I would just keep quiet and let her dig her own hole.   She will get caught eventually.
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    mamu got a reaction from SewWhatsUp in Quilt stories...   
    I had made a pictorial quilt with mountains in the background, trees, and river. It was a rather large wall hanging and after getting it all quilted, bound and hanging sleeve applied, I very excitedly put it on the wall to admire. A good friend came over to visit and I was quite proud in showing her my creation. While standing there looking at my creation, to my absolute horror I noticed that I had one small rectangle turned wrong and the horizon of this pictorial quilt was askew. We both had a good laugh over it. What surprised me most was that I had quilted the quilt and had it hanging for several weeks and never noticing it was all I could see. So, I took it down and ripped out the quilting, stitching and turned the offending block then restitched it all and quilted it again. I still chuckle about it.
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    mamu got a reaction from CindyT in I got a surprise when I cleaned the edge of the bliss roller brushes   
    EEEEKKKKKK I know that Halloween is coming up, but that is just a little to close for comfort.....