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  1. F.Y.I. Still looking for rooms: the Red Lion Portland Convention Center has set aside a block of rooms for the MQX-West. Call and ask for the MQX room rate. Information given by: Mary Schilki - MQX-East.
  2. Thank you Dory for this quilt. I'm trying to post these pictures.
  3. Suzan, you have a yummy display sitting on your table. Looks wonderful. Happy Easter everyone!!!!! He Is Alive!!!!!
  4. Suzan, It's beautiful. Karen did a great job. Thanks for posting it.
  5. Leslie, It's adorable and Sheila did a great job quilting it. Another lucky lady. Thanks for showing your treasure.
  6. Peglu, Your quilt looks beautiful on the wall. Love the table runner too. Cheri did good. Love it.
  7. Oh my, Shar it's adorable. I'm looking at the tiny triangles this takes allot of patients to sew. Lucky you, Cindy did a wonderful job piecing and quilting it. Thanks for posting it.