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  1. She's pretty pleased with the quilt. The only requirement she gave me was that it had to be PINK! And, as some of you have mentioned, it's quite pink! She'll be showing it off to family this week and is so excited about doing so! I can't wait to hear the comments. That's the best part of finishing a job for me!
  2. Last picture! Here's the vine that surrounds each shirt panel.
  3. This is the cancer ribbon I worked into the meandering.
  4. I was asked by a friend to make a t-shirt quilt from the shirts she has collected since being diagnosed with breast cancer. She's taken part in many walks and fundraisers but does not wear t-shirts herself. So, with no restrictions, I was given the honor of creating something that will be very special and will be handed down through the generations. Just a bit about the special touches that I added for her......each shirt is framed by a flowing vine, signifying new LIFE. In the meandering, I included the cancer ribbon to remind her of the fight for her life. And included with the ribbons, she
  5. Sorry.....my "grin" ended up being a worthless link!
  6. We're watching patiently for that curved sashing border tutorial, Shannon! Can't wait to see how easy you make it seem! It's got a lot of people's interest peaked! http://apqs.com/quiltboard/images/smilies/biggrin.gif
  7. This has really been great! I loved seeing the quilts and look forward to that tutorial, Shannon!
  8. I love them all! Shannon, that wavy border is wonderful! I've enjoyed each and every photo that's been shared. This has been great! And I know it's inspired others, as well. Keep those photos coming!
  9. I love that checkered background, Sheri. Very masculine and striking, as well. Nice quilting, too!
  10. I've been working on a few ideas for an upcoming cancer t-shirt quilt. I have 22 shirts to work with so the possibilities are going to be endless! I just looked at Dell's quilt and was amazed. Then, I thought, lets see what everyone has come up with for ideas on different designs. Come on, everyone, get those pictures posted and lets see how many different types of t-shirt quilts we can see! Hope to see some soon!
  11. Hey, Linda..... I was just wondering if you ever found out the name of the pattern or the book this design came from. I just love it and want to make one for myself. Thanks!
  12. Beautiful quilt and quilting! I love the depth! And the quilting just made it pop even more! Good job! What is the name of the quilt top/block? Where can I find that pattern? Thanks!
  13. To be more exact, here's the direct link....sorry..... http://www.d-originals.com/0956-Round-and-Round-0956.htm
  14. Have you tried www.d-originals.com? You didn't mention where you found the one for $9 + $13. I have no idea what the shipping is but the pattern is $9. Hope you find what you are looking for!