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  1. I had to "take a pleat" in a customer's quilt, but I made it look like a seam with top stitching. Looked like it was a seam and was intended. It happened on the bottom rows (3 of them), so I just took the pleat where another seam was started in the 3rd inner border. Maybe that would work?
  2. This is absolutely beautiful. The quilting is what sets it off!!!
  3. Thank you, Sue! I will try this - THANKS!
  4. I am new to this. How do I post a new topic for members to reply to? Also, how do I add a signature? THANKS
  5. Can someone tell me how to post my picture or pictures of quilts? I'm new to this. THANKS!
  6. By the way -- I sell Quilt Backing (108"-110") and it is in most colors (quilter's blenders and vines) and my price is $7.50 per yard. All that I sell is nice fabric, but I like to offer customers a lower cost (meaning, I don't make much profit) because I think fabric is too expensive.
  7. I have just started to sell Gelato fabric. It is a solid, gradated fabric -- all or most colors. I sell it for less than stores sell it. My e-mail is, or my phone number is: 801-292-7903 -- Centerville, Utah. My price per yard is $7.25. It's LOVELY fabric. I was introduced to it at a quilt guild lesson showing reverse applique where the teacher had a quilt backing, batting, then the Gelato, then a piece of batik (darker than the Gelato). You quilt a design and then cut it to the Gelato layer on the top (add some Fray Block to the edges and let dry before cutting. All of her samples (table runners, quilt blocks, etc.) were absolutely beautiful!!
  8. I'm dumb! I just read further and noticed that APQS has a turbo winder priced at $325. Also Gammill has one and the poster said it worked well. Does anyone know what the differences between the two are? I want one that will wind bobbins like a prewound bobbin so I don't have inconsistent tension (I'm PRETTY sure this was my problem -- maybe not -- any comments on this?)
  9. I'm mostly a reader of the forum, but I have a question for everyone. Has anyone ever used a commercial or professional bobbin winder? I have a "sidewinder" and use it some when I need the top and bottom threads to match. Recently, it did a poor job and I had to pick out the entire border because of inconsistent tension (which I think came from poorly-wound bobbins from the sidewinder). I have a Millie and it doesn't wind all that well either. Any suggestions or referrals for a commercial winder?
  10. Bonnie: I am a new person on the APQS forum. I own a Millennium and am receiving the APQS newsletters, so I noticed your message that everyone loved your CD. I would LOVE a copy of it. My address is: Susan B. Russell - 494 West Old Farm Circle - Centerville, UT 84014 - e-mail: phone: 801-292-7903. Let me know what I need to pay you.
  11. This is happening to me also RIGHT NOW! But I did notice as my thread broke that it got wrapped around inside (even though I have my wheel covered - thread wrapped around where the hook where you put thread through goes up and down) -- I can see thread inside. I have to take the screws off the front cover from the left side (facing the head of the machine -- not where there are any thread guides) and take out all the thread. Do you think that is your problem too? Susan