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  1. At the time, I was looking for an accuquilt system and Red Snappers
  2. Thank you ladies...from now on, I will include my email address (or even phone #) so the seller can contact me that way. I appreciate all your responses...this is such a great group!
  3. Yes I would get the notifications but each time it was too late
  4. Thank you Meg for responding....I feel much better I don't like conflict and try to either avoid it or resolve it as much as possible but this has been really bothering me and I needed to clear the air (well the air I'm breathing anyway..hehe) This is a great website, FULL of wonderful information and talent, I just didn't/don't want these occurances to leave a "bad taste" in my mouth if you know what I mean
  5. I just need to get something off my chest....twice now I've posted on the "For Sale" forum that I was looking for a particular item to buy and twice now the item I'm looking for has been sold to someone else that posted on my original thread before I even had a chance to respond. Here's my thinking....I think it's rude. When I post that I'm looking for something and on the very next thread (sometimes a few hours later when I'm back on the computer) I see a reply, "I have one to sell" and on the very next reply someone else says "Hey I want one too!" before I know it, it's gone before I even have a chance to reply to the seller. I know, I know, "early bird gets the worm" but I feel as though I took the time to re-search an item, start the thread and then start to look for an item, at least have the courtesy to not post on my thread that you sent the seller a PM basically saying "I wanna buy it before she does" I've thought about this for awhile and think a more appropriate response from someone also looking for an item would be to say "I'm interested in one too if the sale falls through" or "I'm also looking for one if anyone else has one to sell" Or start your own thread and see who responds to it. To me, it feels like someone is butting in line at a store where there is a line of people trying to get a sale item...I'm picturing a "day after Thanksgiving" scene. lol Now I also don't expect someone to turn down good $ for an item but can't/shouldn't you let the original thread poster reply and see if they want it first, since they did take the time to start the thread in the first place? I would anyway, I feel it's only fair. Then go down the line of buyers if the 1st sale falls through or it's not exactly what the original poster is looking for. Anyway, this may offend some but I wanted to get it off my chest. Sometimes I think since there is no person to person contact on forums, Facebook, online chat sites etc. we forget the other person does have feelings, emtions etc. and common courtesy should still apply. Thanks for your time!
  6. Thanks Kristina for checking...I think I'll pass on that die though.....Mary Beth I sent you a U2U
  7. I'm looking to purchase an Accuquilt system...please let me know if you have one to part with. I'm also looking for a 3 1/2" & a 2" square die or strip die. Perferbly for the studio but any will work (I may purchase the adaptor anyway) email me at Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks ladies! And Linda I sent you a U2U!! Patty I didn't get a message yet.....
  9. Hi all--I'm looking to purchase Red Snapper leader grips/system . My table is 10' long. Please message me if you have any to sell or if you know of a online site to buy them.
  10. Thanks for all your responses! I would love to recreate it on my own....however not sure if I can!! And i'm a little afraid of doing alot of applique on this quilt since it will be for my 2 little girls and will have to be washed alot.....won't the applique come off after awhile?! Never worked with it! I need to do a little sketching and see what I come up with! Thanks again ladies!
  11. I'm really wanting to make my daughters a full or queen size lady bug themed quilt......any suggestions or patterns that you know of? I've done some looking and all i've found are for throw size or baby.... And the primary colors I want to use is rred/black/white and accent with green (leaves etc.) I've found a quilt that I can buy but would prefer to make it myself of course! Thanks all! Heres the one I really like!
  12. Hello ladies...just thought I'd pop in to say hello and no I haven't dropped off the face of the earth! lol! Haven't been doing much quilting though....I had to have another surgery in June...still trying to fix the mess I was in when I had my little girl back in November! Anyway..hoping this is IT....3 surgeries in 7 months is tooo much! Take care and I'm trying to catch up on you all by reading old posts! Happy Quilting!
  13. I have a Brothers 1034D from Walmart...about $200 and I love it...color coded to thread and easy to use. This is a great little machine for around the house projects!
  14. 3 weeks post op and things still going great!! And at my 2 week appt. the doctor said I could lift my baby again which meant bringing her home!! yay!! I'm still sore at times and haven't done much quilting but I feel like i can see the light at the end of the tunnel!! I'm still leary of doing too much. I had my mom help me put a full size quilt in a few days ago....I just don't think I could've done it myself...too much pulling, twisted, back and forth...yada yada...You don't realize how heavy/akward a full (or bigger!) backing is until you can't/shouldn't do it! So now I just wait and recovery fully!! I'm telling ya' it's aweful nice to have all the "pipes" work when they're supposed to!! lol!! sorry TMI!! Now to get the kiddos over nasty coughs and allergies.....tell me again when summer is gonna be here?! Yesterday it was 70 deg. and today only 35!!! Love Illinois weather!!