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  1. I'm looking to buy a portable air compressor. Any recommendations? Thanks, Kate
  2. I'm a newbie and I need all the practice that I can get. Really. Yesterday I took my Darlene Epp pocket guides with me on a Southwest flight. There's a reason that they are called "pocket quides", right? I normally sit by the window, but an aisle seat near the front was open so I went for it. Soon after take off I opened one of the books and began "quilting". I knew that my fingers and feet were moving as I was mentally tracing the lines, but I thought nothing of it. Why would I? I was busy! Unbeknownst (I don't think that's a word) to me, I had attracted the attention of people on the aisles around me, the person by the window in my row and the flight attendant. When I looked up I was met by a few stares and then the questions started flying almost as fast as the plane. For the next 15 minutes we talked about quilts. I think that my seatmates were somewhat relieved that they weren't sitting by a complete whack job. If they only knew that I had recently showed up at the airport in San Diego ready to fly to Oakland. Imagine my surprise when my reservation was for Oakland to San Diego. That's another story. Anyway, PPP is my motto. Kate
  3. I bought my Freedom SR used and have the Micro Drive handles. Could someone please post a photo of the handles on the machine so that I can see how they are installed. A link to a site would be OK as well. Thanks, Kate
  4. I have quite a few Geisha panels and I would like to quilt the lines of the face as well as some of the kimono. Yesterday was quilting a wall hanging that had 10 cats and I was trying to follow the lines of the cats. did a decent job, but I had to go VERY slow (in SR mode). Of course this morning my back is stiff from concentrating so much. Is this another example of PPP or does anyone have tips for these kinds of panels. Thanks, Kate
  5. Janet, I sent you a U2U. My nut case family members might be too scary for the forum. Kate
  6. Hi Everyone, Thank you so much for the tips, advice & encouragement! I practiced for about 2 hours this morning trying to get consistent arcs and curves; it's a good thing that they aren't tires because I'd be driving on some flat ones. I ended with time on flowers and leaves. I'm fortunate that I've been able to get the tension set correctly with minimal tweaking so that my time can be spent on the motion of quilting. A shout out to Janet and Carmen, my classmates from last week. Kate
  7. I recently purchased a 2007 Freedom SR. I attended Dawn's 2 day class in Des Moines as well as the maintenance class in Carroll. Both were excellent. I feel comfortable meandering simple loops and stippling. I know that the machine takes practice. I would like to know your practice techniques. I have charity quilts to practice on, so that's not an issue. Yesterday I grided a piece of muslin in a 3" grid so that I could practice continuous quilting. I know that people doodle to practice. What else would be helpful for a beginner? Kate
  8. Thanks. If the sale doesn't go through, I am very interested!