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  1. Hello im in Syracuse NY and am selling my used Freddie. Its in great shape and a steal of a deal, with many extras. I’m moving and had to go smaller with a Lenni. Reach out if you’d like to talk megfazio1123@gmail.com 315 807 7062 meg
  2. I’m trying to figure out how to post pictures. I sure hope they’re here. Lola is a great machine with low hours.
  3. I thought I would answer this question in case someone else has the same problem. You can bend it back using a flat head screwdriver just like on the old model machines without the interchangeable feet. If you email Angie, she’ll send you instructions.
  4. Hello everyone i was having stitch quality problems and have finally realized that my open toe foot is not level, it’s higher in the front than the back. (I switched it to the regular hopping foot and the stitches are fabulous) I don’t know how I did this, but somehow I managed. Has anyone had this happen? And know how to fix it? id appreciate any help thanks!
  5. Bump lola really is a great machine, with low hours and lots of extras.
  6. I’m bumping this up to the top. This is s great machine with low hours. I am only in NY half the year, and that’s where my grandchildren live, so I don’t have a lot of time to sew when I’m there. megfazio1123@gmail.com
  7. I’m selling Lola baby, my 2009 Freedom. 12’ table fabric advance quilt glide Donita Reeve ruler base deloas lite system Turbo bobbin winder, bobbins shes a great machine, well cared for preparing for retirement and only have room for my Lenni in the new place. (She has tattoos) $9,000. YOU MUST PICK UP (I have the box for the head) please email me if interested at megfazio1123@gmail.com
  8. It's absolutely true...MB & I finally met. And I felt like I'd known her for years. (Cause I kinda have) if you get a chance to meet her, do it. Shes even more warm & wonderful in person. Im trying to post a picture of us at the show. I've been lurking here for so long, that the downloading process has changed completely since I last posted so, we'll see.
  9. Perfection! I can see you love being a grandma. I'll keep praying for those precious babes.
  10. Hi David... I watch my money, all right. I watch it fly out of my purse. Great tip!
  11. I sent one too. And I couldn't believe it when I got a handwritten thank you note from OMQG! I can't imagine how many thank yous they are writing. What a huge undertaking.
  12. I'm having trouble remembering every day. But I'm in when I do!
  13. I have a new blissed Lenni and I love it. If you can get one, do it! it handles a million times better than my Freedom with MM wheels. Deciding if I should Bliss the Freedom now, or just sell it and stick with Lenni. I don't think I could effective drive a machine with stationary handles.
  14. And, of course, it's upside down. I give up!
  15. Well, here it is. After all these years, you'd think I'd know how to post a pic.
  16. Here's the quilt I made for the pulse victims. I hear they have had a lot of participation, which warms my heart. I went to SWFQG meeting this week and they really pulled together and made many. Kudos to Vickie Oliver for that.
  17. Good for you, MaryBeth. I know you'll never regret spending time with your mom.
  18. so glad you're finally leaving that job, Heidi! And what an awesome new position you've found. Lotsa luck! Those little ones are absolutely adorable!
  19. Oh my gosh...cuteness overload. What a great shot! Continued prayers for all of you.
  20. I don't do labels. I hide my name in the quilting of almost every quilt I do. It's kinda fun to figure out how to get it in without it being noticeable.
  21. DeLoa taught me a trick to use cheap Kmart sheets for practice. I do this all the time. I use them top and bottom without a problem.
  22. Karen...where are you staying? I have a friend coming in from Michigan who has a quilt in the show. We could meet for dinner one night?
  23. Anyone going? I'll be there everyday so reach out if you're there. Meg 315-807-7062
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