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  1. I'm still in the decision process, but have one final question about getting a machine... how much space do you need? I'm pretty sure I have the length, but how much for depth... I'm looking at a Millie or Freedom... thanks ladies.
  2. I recently learned a trick.... fold your paper on the seam line, line up your fabric edges, and then sew... barely catching the paper. You will still have perfection with points and seams, but not much paper to pull off. Plus, you can generally use a pattern several times before it's kaput. I just did a mariner's compass with this method, and loved it. A number of years ago I did a NY Beauty, and it was a pain to get all of the paper out of those tiny points.
  3. Thanks for all of the great advice....I'll let you know when I'm up and running!
  4. Alright, I'm ready to take the leap... but which machine? I'm looking at a Millie or Freedom, and am wondering if the Channel locks are something I'd use... please let me know. Otherwise, seems to be about the same machine. Please send lots of advice... love the forum!