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  1. There is a 1230 on ebay now, has 4 days left. There is an 1130 (seems expensive to me at $1250) there is an 1120 with only 1 hour left at $306 (excellent price) I've researched these machines and I own a 1230 (LOVE IT) helped my sister purchase one too. You can buy an excellent 1/4" foot, you have to remember to buy the "old" style foot because "newer" style feed won't work. St. Cloud Sewing Center sells both kinds of feet so I'm sure somewhere near you would too. If I had the money I would snap up the 1120 in a heartbeat!!!
  2. Joan: The 1230 is almost the same machine (just doesn't have the same lettering), the 1130 and 1120 and even the 1090, again are very similar with just fewer stitches. All of these machines stitch beautifully, you would not be disappointed with any of them. I know there are some on ebay do a search for bernina 1260, 1230, 1130, 1120 and even the 1090. Good Luck!!!
  3. Oh These are EXCELLENT MACHINES!!! Hope you find one soon. You'll love lovelove it!!!
  4. Oh how I would love to have that wine colored 222!!!
  5. Oh now Dawn - we really need to see some pic or maybe even a video of this new "Bliss"!!!
  6. I had a gammill optimum plus and now I have an APQS Millennium. I LOVE the customer service with APQS. Customer service at gammill was non-existent. Also there was alot of oil on the table top from the gammill, never had that happen with the APQS. Gammill worked great for pantos and thicker thread, APQS excellent with finer threads and micro stippling. Anyway, test drive all of them, do some more research and make the decision that is best for you.
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