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  1. Yes it is . . . I saw it online and couldn't resist ! I didn't know it was on this forum, what a happy surprise! Your quilting is gorgeous and I had to try it!
  2. Hot off my machine and the binding is finally finished.
  3. Heidi: I will have to check that. We did check the outlet and it is plugged into a surge protector. I even replaced it with a new one.
  4. Checked and double checked the grounding wire. Angie suggested checking the mushroom handles so that is my next step.
  5. I know I haven't been on the forum for a really, really really long time. But I have to ask for advice! My Millie has been having some issues lately. It stops sewing! I will be doing a panto and it just randomly stops sewing. The power is still on, it is like you pushed a button to stop sewing. I talked to Angie, who by the way is super, she sent me a new board, a capacitor and grounding wires. My husband replaced the parts, I sent the old ones back to her, and I proceeded to quilt. Unfortunately it stops sewing more now then it did before. I have been careful not to static s
  6. How could not not like it - IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!
  7. feathers in the border are no spine or rulers. Freehand and they build off each other.