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  1. and the entire view: März 10 Rosenquilt 006mini2.bmp
  2. once again... März 10 Rosenquilt 013mini2.bmp
  3. up to what size are pictures accepted? who can help me?
  4. I designed this quilt in a class at Claudias Open House in Krefeld this january ;) As I got my Millie only last november, I´m quite happy with the result, and I´m working on the next one already. What I found most difficult, is the backtracking I had to use frequently in the outer border. How do you do these short distances of backtracking, do you use a ruler or do it freehand? I would appreciate any comment! Nina
  5. Hallo Claudia, thumbs up for your trip to Australia, you will have a wonderful time. hope to hear of your trip back in Krefeld. My new millie is all set up but I haven´t had time yet to start it, what a pity. Very soon... best wishes Nina
  6. Thank you for your friendly welcome greetings, I feel like coming to know a new family...
  7. Hi out there in the forum, I´m a new member, living in the southern part of Germany and got my beautiful millie just today. I´m struggeling a bit with setting it up, but the booklet is clearly written and really helpful. With the help of Claudia in Krefeld I could experiment some first quilting lines on the millennium during her open house class in october. I felt quite happy to meet my first other longarm friends, everyone so nice and helpful. So hopefully, I will come to know and practice new designs every day from now on at home! This forum is very interesting for me and seems to be kind of first aid sometimes. I will read your posts frequently. Got to go on now, want to start quilting! See you Nina