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  1. Sorry for not responding sooner. Ive been on holiday and the wifi mobile network has been very intermittent. Here is a photo of my quilt. Stunned that it won best in show and first in traditional quilts.
  2. Sorry for not responding sooner. Ive been on holiday and the wifi mobile network has been very intermittent. Here is a photo of my quilt. Stunned that it won best in show and first in traditional quilts.
  3. Thanks Chris xxx. Sorry I missed you at the show. I was all over the place. Lol.
  4. Debbie, no I havent finished my metro medallion quilt, having only made three blocks so far, I suspect it will never get finished. Lol The scalloped binding I learned from Ricky Tims on the quilt show, after being inspired by a quilt by Bethanne Nemish which had a similar treatment.
  5. The binding is a one inch folded in half binding in the dark teal, which is attached to the aqua binding, which I then sewed to the back of the quilt, and stitched in the ditch on the front. Its the first time using the narrow flange. I had just made a scalloped binding edge on my previous quilt and thought I could also use the method for a straight edge too
  6. The only way i ever have got king tut to be a success was to use a 4.5 needle which I only use for King tut, I rarely use it mind you,
  7. Ive been using my varifocals but cant quite get the tilt right when doing more intricate quiltimg so I ordered an extracset of close ups (reading) just for quilting
  8. Its been a while since I have been here and youve probably all forgotten me, I have been busy quilting full time now, but thought you might like to see a couple of photos, i have also been playing around with bindings too lately. This is a pattern using the quickcurve ruler
  9. According to the edgerider website the lenni carriages are available again in November 2014 and have been improved in some way, you need to contact one of the dealers.
  10. Teresa, I have the same black steel table with my Lenni but I have the complete edgerider carriage and wheels which I highly recommend. I think it cost $500 about three years ago. The bliss table was $4000 at that time for Lenni. (Plus shipping and vat to the uk, so I went for the carriage) I hope that they are still available to buy.
  11. Love that quilt, the colours are great and the quilting is very pretty
  12. Lovely quilting. I just love that spinning effect you've got going on in the white blocks. Very original.
  13. Yes thanks, I finally feel like I am getting somewhere with custom work. I really must custom one of my own quilts though so I can keep it for myself.
  14. Hi Libby, well they're not so perfect up close.. Lol. But yes I used a circular ruler and I made myself a cardboard template for the centre arc shape, and lightly marked the shape so it hit the middle of the triangle in the block. I free handed the feathers and when I reached the middle I used the best sized circle ruler to use at that point.
  15. Well that's the best compliment I've ever had Vicki... I did mark my centre feathers in the motifs to try and keep consistent
  16. This is a customer quilt which I have freehand quilted and used a couple of rulers too.. I used Hobbs wool and glide thread (my favourite). While quilting it I wasn't loving it and was worried that it was a bit disjointed but after taking it off the frame, I love the secondary designs that bring it together.
  17. I find it best to keep moving, and not let it seize up too much... My problem is mainly sitting so standing is better as long as I am moving around... Standing still hurts more... Mind the 10 painkillers I take each day certainly help.. Have also had nerves in four facet joints burned away with radio waves, numerous steroid/anaesthetic injections. had another MRI scan a few weeks ago just waiting on results... four years of this agony come June. Sleeping is also hard as lying presses on the nerves. I can't win... I can barely move on waking but once I get going actually the quilting does help me.
  18. Hi Kerri no I changed to a pastel variegated for the stars... The rest was done in an off white...
  19. Beautiful feathers in the light sections.. Very pretty
  20. Love the colours of your quilt Kay, and that panto is a lovely one.
  21. Janice, only a few years ago I was telling myself the same thing.... Practice makes perfect (or in my case not perfect but good enough)
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