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  1. very well deserved win kay.... it is one gorgeous quilt...
  2. really lovely s curve cross hatching in your borders it look great. you have done a really good job there.
  3. I attach the binding on the longarm, which is pretty quick ranging from half an hour to an hour maybe, and I try and charge on a time basis... but charge it out based on size of quilt - I have never worked out the equivalent square inch, as to me I still have four corners to mitre and a tail to join what ever the size.... it works for me, although I think I am undercharging on time...
  4. Some people just can't help themselves can they? I am glad that you are sending out a letter... You are generous to donate your quilting time, I have only ever discounted my time a little for charity quilts, although I did have a QOV quilt bought to me and they expected me to quilt it for free - it is not that common over here in the UK to have a QOV quilt but a UK branch does exist I believe. Anyway she would have had a 15% discount for her first quilt with me so I just gave a 20% discount, quilted a very quick panto over it, although I have to say there was never any "proof" it was a QOV quilt
  5. I love Glide threads, and my customers love them too..... great to work with. I can't really compare though to other brands, as I have pretty much used this exclusively since the start of owning a longarm....
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