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  1. Those feathers really give movement to the quilt! Just wonderful and how can I not love the red and white?
  2. wow! Fantastic job for a beginner. Where did you get your clamshell tool? Great idea to do your own free hand in the shells.
  3. Great looking denim quilts! What's the name of the panto on the 4th pic? What size needle did you use and what type of thread?
  4. That is CAH YOOT! Cute! I love it! Your quilting really makes the quilt.
  5. Cute! The brown and pink are perfect together. The quilting is perfect! Your grand daughter is so lucky!
  6. Oma! Awesome and so many pics to drool over, thanks! One question, what do you use that orange hammer for?
  7. Lovely quilting! When my daughter went away to college, I hid a heart in the quilting on her quilt. She found it and thought it was so neat.
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