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    Quilting, reading, snuggling with my fur babies... playing with my grand daughter, fabric shopping of course.....trying to figure out why my sweet Lenni keeps giving me tension woes...threats don't work
  1. I hope I will be saying WOO HOO with my stitches, I think the gremlins came for a short stay and forgot where they lived...
  2. How do you check the encoder wheel and which one?
  3. Could the position of the needle (i.e. turned too far to the left) cause skipped stitches as well? I have not broken any needles and I keep my machine very clean and oiled.
  4. Thank you Dawn for posting on flatlining and railroad tracks. I have a Lenni, using size 4.0 needle and Perma soft thread and bobbin. I am having trouble with flatlining. I will sit and read through your instructions. I don't get to go onto this site very often but I thank God it is here ...... I hope every one has a Blessed Easter and Passover. Sandy
  5. A great big scam..... sounds like she has done this before....I am sorry you had to deal with such an unpleasant experience. I hope I never get a call from her...I am in Pa
  6. Thank you Barb, I didn't think of that. I will keep your suggestion in mind next time I clean the bobbin case.
  7. Thank you all so much for your quick replys. I do have the tension spring out of the bobbin case. I do have a piece of cotton batting in the holder where the thread comes up. I have used glide many times with no trouble and I did run a pin under the little finger of the bobbin lint there. I have used wd 40, oiled. I use an air compressor to blow out my machine every time I use it. Tonight I tried yet another bobbin case and the stitches seem a little better. My poor rep, she is pulling her hair out with me, thank you Lorraine. I know I need to play with the upper and lower tension, but i have never had any problems until now..... I guess i am just being tested.... I will load another practice piece tomorrow and try again..... this group is great! thank to all who took the time to answer......
  8. I would appreciate any straight forward explanation on how to line up the next row on a panto. I have gone to you tube only to be confused.
  9. Just finished reading the post on the diagonal movement. What bars are you talking about? I too seem to have a little resistance. Sandy g
  10. I have just been reading the posts pertaining to saggy backing, whew!!! glad to know it is not just me. So much good advice. Right now I have a 108" backing on the frame and it is sagging on the left side only...I thought it might be due to the fact that I steamed the wrinkles out. I will give the rolling back and forth a try before I put my top on. Thank you for all the advice.
  11. I remember that feeling all to well. Still have them. Congrats! and have fun.