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  1. Shelby C, I have one for sale and I can match the price. I live in Monmouth Oregon and would happily ship wherever you need. Jamie
  2. it is not blissed, and my search for a larger table has been resolved. Thank you for your response.
  3. I have a 2004 Millenium on an 8 ft frame with fabric advance. I would like to up-size to a 12 or 14 ft frame if anyone is interested in downsizing and would consider a possible frame trade (or trade plus cash). I live in Oregon and would be willing to drive anywhere in the Pacific NW, Idaho, Utah, Northern California. If anyone is aware of used frames (without machines) that may be available, please let me know. Thank you. Jamie in Monmouth, OR
  4. Beth, I want them, absolutely. What length? I'm not far from you, so I can pick them up this week if that works for you. Let me know.
  5. I responded to your email, but I don't know if you got it. Will you take $90 and pay for shipping? Jamie
  6. Does anyone in the Pacific Northwest area who has upgraded to the Bliss system have their old table rails they want to get rid of? I am looking for 10, 12, or 14 foot rails for a Millenium frame. I could come pick them up if your're within a reasonable distance. Jamie Monmouth, OR
  7. Do you still have this item for sale? I may be interested. Email me. Jamie Monmouth, OR
  8. Annie, No, I'm not likely to be able to come get them from you, and I have no idea how to ship them. But thanks anyway.
  9. Is there anyone in the Oregon, Washington, Northern Idaho or Western Montana area who have or are planning to upgrade to the new Bliss system who have old Millenium table rails they want to get rid of? I understand most people are just scrapping them, but I'd love to take them off someone's hands. I could come pick them up. I currently have an 8' table and want to upgrade to a longer table. Please let me know. Jamie Monmouth, Oregon
  10. Beth, I am looking for a 12-14 foot table only, that will fit a Millie. Would this seller be at all interested in a trade with my 8 ft table, or to sell the table only? I'm in Oregon, about 1 hour south of Oregon City. OR....do you have any leads on anyone else looking to downsize to a smaller table who would be interested in a trade? Please let me know! Jamie
  11. LinneaMarie, Do you still have these wheels, or did Jim buy them? I have both the Ultimate II and a Millenium, and I know they are NOT the same wheels and are not interchangable. I would like them if he's changed his mind. Email me at nursiedear@hotmail. Jamie
  12. Are you looking to downsize? I've got a 2004 Millenium 8' table and would love to have at least a 12'. Very good condition, barely used. Wanna trade? I'm in Oregon, so local would be best.
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