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  1. The LQS here charges $17/shirt that includes everything. You bring in the shirts and get a finished quilt. Simple squares with sashing and a border, E2E quilting.
  2. I have a Rowenta that will no longer hold water, but still heats great. I like the heft of it, but I have given up on ever owning a Rowenta that will steam with out spitting or leaking. The sole plate is getting bad on this one (too many tumbles to the floor as well) so I suppose I should start looking for a new one. I guess I'm odd because I like the auto shut off. It just takes a couple of seconds to reheat, I have gotten into the habit of tipping it often when I am in the sewing room. I am also very naughty and don't unplug it because it is a pain in the rear to get to the plug in, I really should get out of that habit.
  3. I haven't tried it, but I'm thinking you could pin right to the casing with the snapper rod in it. It would only be a single layer above the rod.
  4. I made the "cheater leaders" for my red snappers too. Pinned them on to the leaders already on my frame, just need to watch out not to stab myself. If I did it again, I would make them just a little longer to get that first roll covered.
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