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  1. That's really cute. When I was reading the description, my thoughts were that you must be nuts, but the finished project is beautiful.
  2. Kathy, I've seen your work. It would be awesome!
  3. Freehand. I don't have a computerized system. Bethanne's nemeshing just makes a quilt look beautiful. It's really easy to do, just time consuming. I'm not a fast quilter and this took me over 50 hours. It was around 113 by 90.
  4. Kathy, I just love seeing your work. Your creativity amazes me! I love the pattern and the quilting. How long did it take you to quilt this?
  5. I'm always envious when I see a beautiful design and realize that it was computer generated. But, this one, I can freehand. Thank you for posting.
  6. I love the piecing on this table runner, the colors and the cross quilting.
  7. Love those tablerunners! It took me a minute to figure out those weren't lobsters on the tree skirt. But, I did get it.
  8. Wow! Those two blue ones just jumped out for me. Can you tell it's my favorite color?
  9. Thank him for his service, Penny. I always love seeing your work. The crosshatching with the loops on top is so cute.
  10. Originally my customer wanted three designs for this quilt. One in the center, another one around that, and then a different one around that. However, because of the design ( four petals in one juncture, and eight in another) they were turning as I moved around the blocks, and they didn't look right. Then she said just to do Nemeshing. I knew that would be boring, so I asked Bethanne Nemesh for her help. In two minutes, you have to love creative geniuses, she sent me three designs. I actually chose the easiest one for me to quilt. At the 8 petals I rotated the Nemeshing off the center point. Then Bethanne suggested a basketweave for the other spaces. My customer didn't want me to mark the quilt with a blue marker, so I used a hera marker and a ruler and tried to eyeball the weave. I used one layer of wool batting and over one and 1/2 cones of bottom line. String of Pearls (2) by Libby G, on Flickr String of Pearls by Libby G, on Flickr String of Pearls (4) by Libby G, on Flickr
  11. Love the quilts. The straight line quilting is beautiful.
  12. No, it isn't going to come out. After a quilt is off the frame, the thread settles and it may not look the same. Just go with the flow.
  13. I've had similar situations happen to me. When it happens again, measure it while they're there. I find that piecers don't always believe their work isn't good. You could always give them your cutting board and rotary cutter and tell them to do it. Many longarmers do not trim for their customers. I do, but I tell them to be sure to square their corners before they bind. It isn't my job to make sure their quilt is square. As a longarmer I try to keep a quilt square, but there's only so much you can do with poor piecing. Write everything down and have them sign it. That way you're covered. When I first started quilting, I actually took off borders and never said anything because I didn't want my quilting to look bad. Now I just tell them, you're going to have pleats.
  14. I love your creative piecing! It looks wonderful.
  15. I just let mine hang. Then it's a thrill when it comes off the floor and I know I'm on my way to finish it. LOL
  16. Awesome, Betsy. Of course you get to keep the ribbon as you were the quilter and pattern designer. It was satisfying knowing that I still remembered which blocks I made. I'm so glad he's using the quilt. I'm using this post as a reminder to send him a Christmas card and a thank you for letting us know about the quilt. On facebook go to the WE LOVE APQS page, post the quilt and the story with it. I know everyone would love to read about Rita's quilt.
  17. I always have trouble with ribbon candy. You did a wonderful job.
  18. Connie, glad to hear you're still able to see. I wear glasses all the time because I don't like contacts. But I never thought of it as a safety issue. Now I'm feeling lucky.
  19. I love the vibrancy of the colors in this quilt. You did a fantastic job on the quilting, too. I can see why she would want to keep it.
  20. You picked a wonderful quilt design for this quilt. It took me a long time to get molar feathers correct.
  21. Love how you framed those squares and used the holly leave in the border.
  22. What a wonderful thing that both of you did! I don't quilt very fast either and find that listening to the audio books makes the time go faster.