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  1. Thank you ladies. Most of mine are 2 cents but will go to 2.5 cents on some which are dense and detailed. All my freehand starts at 3 cents. and if I SID it starts at 4 cents which used to be 3 cents. I will just see how it works out. All the best to each of you. Happy Quilting Grammie Tammie
  2. Wow it has been a while since I visited the forum. Hope everyone of you are doing great. I am wanting to raise my rates but I have to say I am not in the know as with my busy schedule and I rarely visit my favorite forums anymore to keep up. What are the going rates now for ETE/ custom/. No big awards on my belt just lots of quilts and experience. Was wondering if any of the seasoned quilters took this plunge and how did your longtime customers respond? I am suffering from alittle burnout lately but not because I am tired of quilting but I want to QUILT my way for the most part. Time for a Change. Been doing this for 8 years and believe I am undercharging. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. Thanks Grammie Tammie Grammie Tammie's Quilting "The Wet Mountain Quilt Shop" 719-783-0700 Happiness Always.