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  1. Thanks qltnbe, just checked out the pic (think I scrolled too fast and missed it first time! ooops) Looks great!
  2. Haven't been on forum for a while, but what is hairpin quilting?
  3. Hey Suzy, If you haven't already, purchase Rick Taylor's Maintenance DVD, its the best, tells you everything you need to know.
  4. That's great Jim, but I must confess I do love my Statler, it's amazing!
  5. I'm hungry for cupcakes now! Great quilt! :)
  6. HQ Sixteen! I also have a sit down besides my long arm, could not part with the HandiQuilter. Easy to use, only one spot to oil, the bobbin area. Took classes at QuiltCon on Handiquilter. Check out Handquilter websites, and yahoo groups. It's a beautiful machine. I seen many other sit downs at QuiltCon, they all look great. It's a tough decision. Handiquilter now has the low bobbin sensor, regulated stitch and a bunch of other features. Has open toe, and couching feet. Love the table set up.
  7. Hi Joan, I'm a forever beginner longarmer quilter! I don't have much time to practice as I would like, but when I do quilt I always doodle on paper first. (I doodle whenever I can)., The more I doodle on paper the better I get on the lonagarm. And as always, whenever I complete a quilt, I never want to give it away!!! Lately my quilts have been baby quilts for gifts. Oh I do not like pantographs. I enjoy quilting from front always. Enjoy, and PPP. You will get better!!!
  8. hahhhaaa...Hey LindaS, I thought computers were to make quilting life easier!!! Great quilting, ribbon worthy!!
  9. Thanks everyone!!! Now I have to give it away, baaaahhh! No worries , I'll make me another, still have some fabric left overs!
  10. Here's the quilt I was working on... Pics loaded sideways??
  11. Very nice Kay.....I just got into Featherweights....was supposed to purchase only one, ended up with four for some strange reason! (purchased from different sources!) LOVE!
  12. HI everyone, been a while......I have been reading posts but have not posted in what seems like forever!!! Yes, I finally pieced a top, and now I will be quilting it....any suggestions??? ( I do have two other quilts completed very recently on my blog, if interested!)
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