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  1. Thank you Mary Beth! I have had my machine for 2 years now and am still charging "simple" prices. I mostly "play" and sometime people get very custom work for only .02. It made me realize not only my potential for making more money, but how I might be making other more experienced quilter feel. Even know it is a hobby to support my fabric addiction, I think it's time to reevaluate my fee. I can't thank you enough...in some strange way, you have given me confidence to make a change!!! Lori
  2. Nancy, my boys are 16 and 19...and my husband is just old....like me. lol They both love to cook and of course eat! They out cook there girlfriends...
  3. Patty Jo! Made your Chicken pot pie tonight for dinner...added some steamed carrots, poultry seasoning and thyme... My DH and DS's loved it! My son's asked if I would copy it and put it in there binders. I put recipes that my boys like in binders...so if they EVER move out they will have them. Thanks again Lori
  4. thank Girls! Some of the quilts were only coming to around $29.00 to 35.00...not really worth the time.....I think I like setting a limit! Thanks again..I can always count on the Forum to come through! Lori
  5. I have a customer that bring me a lot of baby quilts...when I charge .015 or .02 it hardly seems worth my time.. My question is: do you have a minimum that you charge to freehand a baby quilt? Thanks for your input! Lori
  6. Oh my! Thank you Janelle for posting the QuiltWoman web site...It's a mother load of interesting patterns and quilting supplies. I will definitely bookmark that site! After my Doctors appointment today, I am going to browse the site and order those patterns... thanks again! Lori
  7. I think I would only take out the right side...meaning I would take from where it stopped back to an anchored spot. I don't think its bad..I would just get rid of the tail..does that make any since. I love how your jumping in with long arm quilting...Please keep posting, I find your posts interesting and creative! Lori
  8. eeck!! Rejected....what the heck were they thinking!!! I know I would love to have all 3 that I mentioned above...I tried to put the 2 patterns in a cart to purchase them, but it didn't work for me..so I was going to try and get my local quilt shop to order them. I think your Butterfly one would sell...it's absolutely beautiful!! I would try it again...really... I know you would sell at least one pattern.....lol....(teasing) It really is a different take on a butterfly....I love it! Lori
  9. Janelle! Love Double Diamonds and Peaceable Strips on your web page! I was wondering if the Butterfly beauty that is in your header is one of your patterns too? Lori
  10. Tracy, If your giving away a price for finding the pattern....I'll take the quilt...LOL Just kidding.......It is very beautiful! I love the quilting too. I might have to get that book by Janet Hanson. Thanks for sharing! Lori
  11. Hi Tracy I think it is McCall"s Quick Quits June/July 2010. Page 22. It looks the same, It was in my pile of "to do's" Lori
  12. wow Patti Jo, your instructions make me want one! Lori
  13. White ( really lite green), black and tan....I think that's all they came in. I have 3 black ones and 1 white one....I love them! I sew on the "white" one the most! Lori
  14. I have the Leadergrips on my Millie. I have to agree with Connie, the wooden rod does get hung up on the machine, but I do love how they work. I also have arthritis in my fingers and the snap are a little hard to get on. I was wondering if the Red Snappers were easier on the fingers? I hope those who have them, post the pro's and cons! Lori
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