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  1. I have a Milli with the bobbin winder that comes with it. After winding the bobbins on my dm, then near the end the tension on the top thread started coming loose. Not my day. I had already frogged this quilt after 2 rows and then noticing the bobbin was "nesting" Think this quilt is my nightmare!!! Ginny
  2. Thanks for the hugs, even the dogs have left the room, last resort I wound the bobbin on my DM and I am holding my breath right now, seems to be working. I have tried all the suggestions, think my bobbin winder has a problem. I usually use prewound, as right from the beginning I have had problems with me winding the bobbins. Guess I need a lesson on the bobbin winder. Thanks Ginny
  3. Ok, I have just about had it, want to throw this quilt and machine into the garbage. I have tried everything suggested and still have problems. I can hear the bottom thread snap, going along, gonna stop to move myself and you can hear the thread snap. Checked and the tension seems fine, the thread seems to come out of the hole in the bobbin case also. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance Ginny
  4. Sorry to say I haven't been back here in a while, life has gotten in the way. It'll be awhile before I try to post any pictures, unfortunately my tension must have been off, I didn't see it, needless to say I will be ripping out a couple of rows! YUCH!! Thanks for all your help, sure did learn from this. Ginny Lane
  5. Thanks everyone for your suggestions, I didn't have a blue I likes, so I did auditions dome grays, and have decided on a lighter grey on top and a couple shades darker gray on the bottom. Would have never chosen those colors, but I like it!! I will try the invisable thread on something else, as I think this will be washed and dryed alot, makes me worry about melting.
  6. I appreciate all the suggestions, will go home and try each one out and let you know. Thanks!
  7. I am quilting a log cabin, made in blue and creams, with red in the "window", I was going to quilt the top with a cream thread, but the back in a deep red with black thru it. I know alot of you use the same color top and bottom, the top will blend but the back will stand out. What would you do. Thanks for your advice. Ginny Lane
  8. I too have volunteered at the local hospice and feel the same way. There is such peace and understanding and comfort. It is truly gods place. Ginny
  9. Thanks, but I think I figured it out, I had been using the magna glides, no spring in the case, then for this quilt I am winding bobbins, so, once I put the correct bobbin case in, the one with the spring it doesn't seem to be doing it anymore. Feel "blonde" this morning. Thanks !!!
  10. Good morning and I hop someone can help me I am quilting a charity quilt, going along everything seems fine then you can here the bobbin, almost sounds like its spinning. The thread has come out of the guide on the case and I have lots of loopies on the back. I have rethreaded, blown out the lint, and I don't know what else to do. HELP!!! Thanks Ginny
  11. Thanks both Deb and Kathy. I too sent mine yesterday.
  12. I have downloaded the snowflakes, plan on getting some done this weekend. Thanks for sharing!!
  13. I know we all are heartbroken for what has happened at Sandy Hooks, I got the e-mail from my sister and thought I would pass it on. I have 24 going out today, thanks to the ladies here in Dade City, FL!! Quilters Corner in Milford Ct has requested help from the quilting community. They are requesting pillowcases for the Sandy Hook Elementry School. In order to get the pillowcases to the children right after the Christmas break, they are requesting 600 pillowcases by Dec. 27th. Pillowcases can be dropped off at Log Cabin Fabrics by Dec. 23rd, or mailed to Quilters Corner, 312 Danbury Rd, New Milford, Ct 06776, so they will recieve them in time. We realize it is a busy time of year, lets see what we can do to make this happen. Thanks to all that help.
  14. Has anyone used these boards? I use the circlelord boards, I don't have any complaints, but was wondering if anyone has any suggestions of other boards that are easy to use?
  15. I've been away for a while, came back to see a new forum!! Been looking for my "old favorites", been thru alot of posts and can't seem to find them. Have they been deleted from the old forum? Thanks for your help Ginny
  16. Sorry the 4 letter work has gotten in the way again. Thanks for all your help
  17. Thank you, looks simple, the hook looks like it has some flat welded to it, is there a reason for that? Is the flat what is welded to yor frame. Thanks
  18. I am looking for a way to mount rolls of batting onto the frame of my Millie. Any Ideas? Thanks!
  19. Yes it helps, and thank you!!
  20. I am new at doing anything but pantos and easy e2e, I want to do piano keys on a quilt but don't know how. Can you give me some advice. Thanks Ginny
  21. Thanks for all the ideas, I've tried the curtian rod closer, seems to work better but will wrap something around them to keep from scratching the rollers, thanks!
  22. Linda, I like your set up, think I have some clamps somewhere, will try something like that too
  23. Thank you both, maybe my rods are not close enough to the clamps to hold them up, will try when I get home from work tonite!! Thank you! Ginny
  24. I do have the curtian rods and drape the elastic over and then clamp the sides of the quilt, but seems when I get close to the machine it gets caught on the clamp. Thanks! Ginny