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  1. Oooh - I like it! Explain again about the radiant floor and the lil' stove - how d'you keep the temperature from fluctuating too much in there (knowing how &*%$ cold it gets there in the winter). Weren't you going to stain the floor, or did you change your minds? Good job DnD! Lucy
  2. You'd be surprised - endurance riding is actually a sport where older people do better. It's about pacing yourself and your horse to the best of your current fitness/abilities. It seems like most people don't have the time to commit to it properly until they retire - *then* they start racking up the miles. (Horse riding is so glamorous, I tell myself, as I look out at the mud-coated, tangled creatures... Today I have to perform miracles on them and turn them into sparkly objects. That and schlep a bunch of 100 lb hay bales around.) Lucy Chaplin Trumbull
  3. >snort< I'll be lucky to get the trailer packed, the pones washed and rasped, and get out at a decent time on 26th. They are currently filthy and full of witchy knots. I'm banking on some down-time when we get back to get some quilting done. Thanks for all your kind words, people! Lucy Chaplin Trumbull
  4. There are two more completed tops sitting waiting to be quilted (one with my first attempt at trapunto, so we'll see how that turns out). Biggest challenge is avoiding quilting so dense that the quilt is stiff as a board. I need to experiment with some finer thread - I like my quilts to drape and be usable. Anyway, thanks for looking. As I said, I've gotten so much inspiration looking at all your photos that I wanted to post some in return. Lucy Chaplin Trumbull
  5. I really enjoy stippling, but have been reading Leah Day's 365 Days of Filler Designs blog, so tried to incorporate something different - in this case, her matrix design of wavy criss-crossing. It was a little wobbly, but worked out OK overall. Lucy Chaplin Trumbull
  6. Another reason for the wavy border was because I got carried away and quilted the corners before the border... what was I *thinking*?? Here's more of the free-hand vines/leaves/berries:
  7. I had no idea how hard it would be to get the large cream triangles the right size (I had to do all the math myself, since I was working from a photo of the pattern), and I ended up using a truly nasty piece of faux-silk that I found at Wal-Mart (not somewhere I would normally shop for fabrics but it was the perfect colour/type for this project, even if it was nasty) for the border. Unfortunately, because of these two things, the border was super-wavy >ack< so my only choice was piano keys. Even more unfortunately, I didn't have the quilting space using my Juki to do the whole widt
  8. Hey there. This is my first post to this forum, but I've been lurking for months, getting inspiration from all your photos. I only make a few quilts a year and only quilt my own (just as well, given how slowly I get around to things >grin<). I have a Juki TL98-Q on a frame, so am somewhat limited by my quilting area. Attached are some pics of a quilt I've been making for my sister. It was supposed to be for her birthday in November ... 2008 - hopefully she'll get it this February >sigh<. The request was for "something Thai-related, in reds and white-gold". I sent her pic