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  1. 2009 Lenni For Sale Price reduced to 6,500.00 !! Please message if interested. Includes Pantos, Thread, Casters, Red Snappers, Original DVD Manual, 10' standard black table, table set up DVD , and bobbins.
  2. 2009 Lenni For Sale- price reduction! 6,500.00!!! Please message if interested.
  3. I have a 2009 Lenni for sale. It had a 10' metal table, casters, and some other extras for long arm quilting.. Moving and will not have the room. Looking to get a George Please message for more details or any interest. Thank you, ~ Shea
  4. 2009 Lenni for sale. Gently used. Moving and do not have room for Lenni Asking 6,500.00 Included are lots of pantos, some cones of thread, casters, DVD manual and table set up Insructions , bobbins and some long arm rulers. Please message if interested.
  5. I have APQS LENNI for sale. Please message for details. A really good deal! I am moving and will not have space for this gently used machine. Email me : Or message here please
  6. This is a very special baby quilt. Lovely for Mom and baby. ~ Shea
  7. Karen, Welcome to this forum! You will definitely feel the love here! I have been out of the quilting loop for awhile, but right back in here with so much wonderful support and help. Have fun with your new machine. Remember to breathe, and sleep, and eat and surface from your machine to occasionally say hello to your family. ~Shea
  8. I have a Lenni:) I have had it over 3 years now. I have been on a bit of a break from quilting, but trying to make more time for it now. I have been reading this wonderful forum and just need some clarification on poly threads and cotton threads please. I have a bit of a guilt complex when using poly thread on all cotton quilts:( yet I read where some of you wonderfully talented quilters love the So Fine thread and it is poly, right? If I can get over the guilt, and start using poly thread, do I need to use it in the bobbin too? Thanks for any thoughts on this. Maybe this is a topic that has been discussed before but I know products change. ~Shea
  9. hey, i just wanted to let you know that i finally finished the quilt i was having so much trouble with, all the looping i think i had a few problems. after unsewing, i cleaned my lenni and oiled, and rethreaded, and put batting in thread guide just above cone, and got a new needle and loosened up on the tauntness with side clamps and prayed and held my tongue just right and i was able to finish with no more looping!! so happy. thanks for your support . on to my next project oh yea, and i now have some red snappers !!!!they areWONDERFUL.
  10. hey out there, i am still "unquilting", but have tried all the suggestions here on practice peice to the side and when i get to quilting again i think its going to be good again! thank you all so much for the help and hope to share better times soon i think the looping started when i changed bobbins. maybe something got caught in my case, or needle thread jumped track. not really sure, but hopefully back in action tomorrow, after more thread thanks again, shea
  11. thank you patty. i will try the batting above thread cone and rethread. i will let you know. still have so much unsewing to do:(