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  1. The M & M wheels make a huge difference in moving the Millie. I am very happy with mine and would highly recommend them.
  2. Looks very nice. I particularly like the panto on the strip quilt. It gives a nice movement on the quilt.
  3. I would use the cotton batting also. Customers from the south told me that polyester gets too hot in a quilt. I don't know but maybe someone with MS might be sensitive to temperatures also.
  4. Great job, your quilting certaintly contributes to the "beauty".
  5. Beth, you certaintly can't see any issues. it looks great.
  6. Welcome back. Be careful not to overdo it in your excitement. I love the curly q design on that quilt.
  7. Very pretty pantograph. I'll have to remember that one next time I am buying some.
  8. Thanks Vicky for the picture of the whole quilt. I imagine in person it is gorgeous. Your choice of quilting patterns was excellent.
  9. From what I can see, it looks great. Would be nice to see the entire quilt.
  10. I just got 2 rolls of batting delivered by the post office. Usually it is in a box, but this order each one was wrapped in plastic. The postman said there was quite a discussion at the post office as to what it was. Gave the postman an explanation, etc. Who knows, maybe it will result in new customers.