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  1. Good Morning Beth, I have missed you. I hope you are well and not having to much rain and fog. I am in sunny Yuma for the winter and loving it. Your giraffe is so cute. My first thought was about putting some mane on him and then doing the pebble stitching like the others have mentioned. I have taught one class here and have another one scheduled to teach in December. Porter is laying at my feet and he says to tell Auntie Beth hi. I hope we can get together when I get home. Giant hugs, Kat and Porter too
  2. Thanks everyone for all your help. I did end up talking with Amy this afternoon, she said for me to watch the timing video again and print out the new timing printout. It is much better than the old one I had. Since it was time for Amy to go home she said to study the information and we would tackle the problem together in the morning. Well being anxious to get back to quilting I jumped in and Timed my Millie. The "tick" Amy talks about at the end of the video is quite audible to me. Maybe a little to loud, I will talk with Amy in the morning about this loud ticking. But the good news is that I finished the quilt I was working on and the stitch quality was good. More later... Kat
  3. Thanks Barb, By the way, how do you know??? Unfortunately my needle is in correctly. Kat
  4. The Hook needs to skim the needle not STOP the needle right? Just talked to Beth and she is on her way to a wonderful week end in Florance, luck girl. Toby, pick up your puppy face and have fun with your friends... I am going to play around with the finger a little more while waiting for Amy to call. Thanks again for all the moral support, I just put my big girl panties on, maybe that was the problem all along, no panties!!! Kat
  5. OK, I need mechanical training!!! I have Millie apart. The throat plate is off. I found immediately that the hook finger was loose and flopping around, causing the problem I am sure. I have tightened it up and placed it according to the instructions (I think). Turning the fly wheel the needle is still hitting the hook, does this mean I need to move the hook assembly back? I just got her back from having the needle shaft replaced, new hook assembly installed and a complete check up after this happend last month. I have emailed and placed a call to Amy, I know she is so busy and i have not heard from her. Thought maybe I could tackle this myself. Barb, there isn't anyone in my area. Beth is a sweetheart and become a good friend, but she is in Portland and i am in Sisters. Grrrrrr. I want her as my close and personal neighbor!!! I have mentioned to Dawn that I would like to be trained to repair our machines just because there isn't anyone close to help us out. I always told my husband I was not put on this earth to be a carpenter or a mechanic, but maybe I was wrong. I am getting quite a nice collection of tools that I am learning the names of and how to use them. Sometimes the anger issue with him passing comes screaming back in situations like this. I think I can, I think I can, I know I can learn to do this... Thanks to everyoone, keep pouring in hour thoughts as they all help me to learn. Kat
  6. Thanks for the comments, I will be checking all of the above this morning. I am getting so frustrated and discouraged. Kat
  7. Dawn and Amy, I am having some problems with email addresses coming back to I will try and contact you here. Today while quilting the same thing happened as before. The needle jammed and broke. I was in the middle of a square without any seems or other incumberances. I don't know why the needle would jam and break, quilt path froze as well. I put a new needle in used the up/down needle button and the needle bent immediately. I did the same thing with the second needle, same thing happened. The bobbin case was very difficult to get out after the original needle breaking, put in a new bobbin case which was difficult to get inserted. The first bobbin case looks like it could be deformed a bit. I put another needle in and turned the fly wheel by hand and the needle hit and bent. What in the world is going on? Are others having this same kind of problem? I have quilted 5 quilts since I got Millie back home without a single problem until today. Help again. I am frustrated and at a loss as to what in the world is happening. Look forward to hearing from you soon, Thanks, Kat
  8. Linda, I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. Today is the anniversary of the death of my significant other one year ago. He died of a massive heart attack while on a river trip. Last Christmas I made a "love" quilt for my guy, he always kept it on the foot of his bed. We both shared tears when he opened it and when he read the love letter I included with it. While his family was going through his things, they found the letter and of course the quilt on his bed. They gave the quilt and the letter back to me a couple of months after his death. His quilt is now on my chair in my bedroom, it brings me comfort to know I gave it to him with my love and his family gave it back to me with their love and support in my loss. He was a beautiful man with a beautiful soul that I miss more than I can say, but I now have my love quilt back to feel his love when I wrap it around me. You will be inspired to finish this quilt of love dear Linda, and you will know the right time to present it to her husband. Put your hand in "His" and let "Him" lead you through your grief. Even though I do not know you, I send you a strength and a warm hug, Kat
  9. Have you ever listened to your dog howl trying to get your attention while quilting???
  10. I hope to go, it will be my first. Looking forward to meeting some new friends. A dinner sound wonderful. Kat
  11. I am trying to post a picture on my profile and keep getting the message that the picture is to big. This is probably really stupid but I don't know how to make it smaller . It says I can crop the picture when it is uploaded, but not if it won't upload. Help me please... Kat
  12. I also have several quilt EZ templates for sale. I can send pictures if you are interested. I would post the pictures here, but I have not figured out how to do that But I can send them to your email address. Kat
  13. Hi Vicki, I have the Treasures of Buddah boards if you are interested. I will sell them for $225.00 plus shipping. Kat
  14. My dear Oma, my heart is so sad for your loss. I know what it is to get the phone call that a loved one is gone. Last summer my fiance was on a river trip and the sheriff called to tell me he passed away on the river. I was going to meet him the next day, so how could this be? It will be a year in July and the pain and missing is still ever present, but knowing there are friends out there we have never met care and send love and hugs helps a lot. So to you Dear Heart is a GIGANTIC HUG, from Central Oregon. Kat
  15. Good Morning Dawn, Thank you for your help. I did turn my sampler quilt I was working on last week and did the border that way, it turned out lovely. My question now is when I have matching corers and matching borders how do I get them to line up? I think until I learn how to do that I will do as you say and just put a block of some sort in the corners that corresponds to the borders . I am having so much fun learning how to use Quilt Path and think I am doing pretty well. I think I know the videos by heart. I also watched your videos on turning a quilt again last night. Another question for you, do you always pin top, bottom, and sides instead of stitching them? Another question just occured to me also. I am interested in going to MQX in Portland, but looking at the classes, there is only classes on Statler and IQ computer systems. Why not Quilt Path, I would be up front with a smile on and very studious Be well, be safe, Kat